Raiders Hobbes solves a misdemeanor speeding case in Las Vegas

Las Vegas (AP) — Las Vegas Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbes settled a misdemeanor speeding case on Monday. His lawyer took part in a non-conflict argument on his behalf and paid a $ 250 fine.

Hobbes, 22, did not appear in court with lawyer Richard Schoenfeld in a short hearing resulting from Hobbes’ arrest on a highway in the Las Vegas area on January 16.

Soldiers on the Nevada Highway Patrol reported that they had issued tickets to Hobbes for reckless driving and measured Hobbes’ vehicles at 110 mph (177 kph) in the 65 mph (105 kph) zone.

This was the second time in a month when Hobbes, one of the active and former Raiders players, was charged with a driving case.

Hobbes was arrested before dawn on January 3 when he was found sleeping in a car at a casino parking lot on the Las Vegas Strip. In that case, the prosecutor said Hobbes’ blood alcohol levels were slightly below the legal limit of 0.08% for drunk driving in Nevada.

Hobbs pleaded guilty to misdemeanor inadvertent driving, paid a $ 685 fine, and was ordered to provide 20 hours of social service.

In November, a former Raiders receiver, Henry Lux III, was involved in a high-speed collision, killing a 23-year-old Las Vegas woman who was allegedly drunk. Officials said Rags and his girlfriend were injured. The Raiders released the lag hours after the wreck.

A preliminary hearing of evidence in that case is scheduled for June 16.