Raised concerns about South Korean economy during truck driver strikes


Seoul-South Korea’s prime minister warned on Tuesday that a nationwide truck driver strike could lead to “irreparable” damage to the country’s economy as freight transport disruptions enter on the eighth day.

The Ministry of Transport said in a statement that about 6,800 truck drivers gathered in various parts of South Korea on Monday, causing delays in shipping and delivery of key items such as steel, cement, petrochemicals and tires. Said that.

Korean strike truck driver
On June 14, 2022, members of the Korea Trade Union Federation’s Cargo Tracker Solidarity will meet in front of the shipping port of Gwangyang, South Korea. (Kim Dong Joo / AP)

According to the statement, some steel and cement factories have shut down. It has accused some impressive truck drivers of obstructing freight transport at some major southeastern ports.

At a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Han Daks called the reported traffic obstruction an “illegal act” and said he would not receive public support. I am a spokesperson for the government.

Cho said the turmoil in freight transport could have an “irreparable blow” to the South Korean economy, which is already facing other challenges, citing Han.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy said in a statement on Monday that it had lost an estimated 1.6 trillion won ($ 1.2 billion) in the first six days of the strike.

Impressive truck drivers are calling for an extension of temporary measures to guarantee the minimum wage amid rising fuel prices. They met with government officials several times, but each meeting ended without any breakthroughs.

In a statement on Monday, Cargo Tracker Solidarity stated that the Ministry of Transport lacked the determination and ability to close the gap in tracker demand. The Ministry of Transport said the two camps were to meet again on Tuesday night.

Police said they had detained 44 impressive truck drivers on Monday morning, but released most of them except two who were officially arrested. Two more truck drivers were detained on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Transport.

South Korean officials and experts say the strike’s damage has so far been limited to domestic industry, but prolonged strikes have already been hit by Russia’s attack on Ukraine and China’s COVID-19 regulations. The global supply chain it is receiving can be compromised. According to Ministry of Industry officials, there are no reports that South Korea’s major export items such as semiconductors and automobiles have been significantly disrupted.

Kim Hyun Jin

Associated Press