Raleigh to Richmond is just one of the new Amtrak routes that North Carolina can add under the Biden program.

Direct train service between Raleigh and Richmond and the cities beyond. A new passenger line to the North Carolina coast and state mountains. And a nationwide network of rail services connecting more cities.

This is all part of Amtrak’s $ 80 billion federal dollar plan proposed as part of President Joe Biden. $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan Announced this week.

“I never dreamed of making $ 80 billion on intercity rail,” said US Congressman David Price, a member of the Chapel Hill Democratic Party and chairman of the Transport Budget Subcommittee. “It will be a North Carolina game changer.”

Price, who has long supported increasing train operation, has proposed ideas to the Biden administration in recent weeks, emphasizing the need for a multimodal approach, especially train routes from Raleigh to Richmond.

Amtrak receiving money, Announce plan For enhanced new services nationwide. This includes routes from Raleigh to Richmond, as well as new routes to Wilmington and Asheville, and new services from Charlotte to Greenville, South Carolina, Atlanta, and more.

As part of its 2035 plan, Amtrak said it will stop at 160 new communities, over 30 potential new routes, and over 20 existing routes for more travel.

“With this federal investment, Amtrak creates jobs, improves equity in cities, regions, and across the country, and we are ready to do so. Frequently in the United States. We need a rail network that provides reliable, sustainable and equitable train services, “said Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn. Said in a statement.

The concept of high-speed passenger trains on direct routes between the capital of North Carolina and Virginia has existed since at least 1992. The North Carolina Department of Transportation received a $ 47.5 million federal grant in September. Buy a railroad between Raleigh and Ridgeway near the Virginia border, From Freight Railway CSX, The News & Observer reported at the time.

Republicans and Democrats of the parliamentary delegation praised the grant. Virginia has already purchased a share of the land right.

The service between Charlotte and Raleigh has already been completed. Virginia also has a passenger railroad between Richmond and, especially Fredericksburg and Washington.

“It’s a big deal from Raleigh to Richmond. You have to buy that CSX corridor,” Price said in a telephone interview.

Some of the tracks can also serve as commuter train tracks between Raleigh and Wake Forest, according to Price.

Biden’s proposal is just the starting point. Packages aren’t just about railroad money, such as local broadband and affordable housing. It will be paid by raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%.rate Reduced from 35% to 21% With the 2017 Trump Tax Bill.

Some Republicans, including Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, have already Does not support tax increases To pay for the plan. Mr Price said the package would be paid in a “wise and rational way” and that corporate tax rates would be lower than before.

“Here you can get bipartisan support. I know how polarized everything is and how difficult it is,” Price said. “At least, water bodies need to be tested very seriously to get bipartisan support for this kind of initiative.”

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