Rams photographer says she broke her spine at the Super Bowl parade while taking a picture of Stafford

Photographer Kelly Smiley says he broke his spine after falling off stage at the team’s Super Bowl parade.

The video shows Smiley setting up to take a picture when she falls back from the stage. Rams QB Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly see her fall, and while Matthew seems to express her surprise, Kelly leans on her and immediately looks back.

According to her social media background, Smiley is a Rams and NFL photographer.

“Unfortunately, I broke my spine today,” Smiley said. Written on Instagram.. She later wrote “OK” and shared GoFundMe for her treatment.Both of her The camera broke in the fallShe said.

The Rams were celebrating the Super Bowl title in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

In the Fox 11 stream of the parade, you can see Kelly Stafford giving Smiley a phone to pose for a photo. The smiley then falls backwards from the stage. Kelly goes to the edge of the stage to check Smiley, Matthew turns around and drinks water, and after 10 seconds the stream ends.

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