Rand Paul argues that scientists do not study the use of the horse anthelmintic ivermectin as a potential COVID treatment because of “hate for Trump.”


Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky said he was “in the middle” of whether to use ivermectin, but researchers said he didn’t want to study the drug because of “hate for Trump.” .. Greg Nash-Pool / Getty Images

  • Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said researchers would not study ivermectin because of “hate for Trump.”

  • Paul said he was “in the middle” of whether ivermectin should be used and hopes for further research.

  • This is despite the FDA and CDC asking people to avoid drugs used for horse and cattle anthelmintics.

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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul argued that researchers wouldn’t study Ivermectin, a toxic livestock anthelmintic As a potential COVID treatment to dislike former President Donald Trump.

NS Cincinnati Enquirer First reported on Paul’s remarks at the 60-person Town Hall event in Cold Spring City Council Chamber of Commerce on August 27th.

“The hatred of Trump was so confusing to these people that they didn’t want to study it objectively,” said Paul said, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer. “So someone like me in the middle can’t tell you because they don’t study ivermectin. They don’t study hydroxychloroquine without the stains of their hatred for Donald Trump.”

Paul told The Cincinnati Enquirer, “I’m not sure if ivermectin will work, but I’ll keep my heart open.”

Trump is not pushing ivermectin, but continuously Advocated the use of hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID.. However, neither drug has been shown to be effective in preventing or treating COVID-19 infection, and US health officials have warned people to use them.

Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration urged people not to self-treat with ivermectin. Because it targets horses and other livestock..

The FDA also statement this thing received Report The people In hospital After using the drug. Early studies have been conducted on the efficacy of the drug, but found that the prescriptions used for animals differ significantly from those that are supposed to be taken by humans.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also Health recommendations Last week, he warned that self-medication of ivermectin could make people seriously ill because overdose can cause coma, seizures, and death. Even the mild side effects of ivermectin overdose are very unpleasant. FDAIncludes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, dizziness and other allergic reactions.

Nevertheless, people continue to take ivermectin. CDC figures show that pharmacies met more than 88,000 ivermectin prescriptions during the week from early July to August 13 this year.

Separately, Clinical the study It also shows that the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine does not help treat or prevent COVID-19. NS FDA Beware of the use of hydroxychloroquine After discovering that the drug can cause serious heart problems, blood and lymph node disorders, kidney damage, and liver problems, including liver failure.

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