Rand Paul demands rebellion against COVID-19 restrictions


NSen. Rand Paul released a video on Monday appealing to the public to resist the government-issued COVID-19 regulation.

Kentucky Republicans argue that a unified public refusal of restrictions aimed at stopping the spread of the virus would be too much for the government to handle, and “little tyranny and bureaucrats” mask mandate. He insisted that he would be forced to quit a similar policy.

“It’s time for us to resist. They can’t arrest us all,” Paul said. video.. “They can’t keep all your kids home from school. I have a long list of what they may or should keep closed, but they are all governments. Buildings cannot be kept closed. “

Fauci and Rand Paul call each other liar in a debate over the Wuhan Institute

Pole, Qualified doctor Practicing an ophthalmologist has been known in the Senate for his libertarian views and voice criticisms of the COVID-19 regulation since the beginning of the pandemic.

Paul specifically called Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Joe Biden by name: “We have a COVID, we have a vaccine, we have been vaccinated. We are in good health ourselves. Make the above choices. Don’t show your passport. We don’t wear masks and we aren’t forced to do random screenings or tests, so you remain drunk with the power to dominate the Houses of Parliament. can do.”

Paul also criticized “antiscience” Maskman date Collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“We are at a crossroads with truth. Do we allow these people to use fear and publicity to do more harm to our society, our economy, and our children?” Paul wrote in a message that accompanies the video. “Or do we stand together and say absolutely no. This time it’s not. I choose freedom.”

This was after the CDC asked the public to continue wearing masks in “highly infected” areas, regardless of vaccination status.

“To maximize protection from delta variants and prevent their potential to spread to others, wear a mask indoors in public if you are in a fairly or highly infected area,” the CDC said. Said.. “You must continue to wear a mask if required by law, regulation, regulation, or local guidance.”

The CDC also provides to people who are already infected with the virus. Vaccination anyway, Vaccines are more effective than innate immunity..

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Paul has consistently been one of the most prominent critics of the Biden administration’s COVID-19 policy.

“Look at the science of immunology, not the government’s rebuke. Two weeks after vaccination, or after recovering from a real infection, throw the mask into the trash can and feel free to do it again. Let’s live. ” Pole I said in a tweet last March.

Paul also announced in May 2021 that he has Refused vaccinationHe said he had already built “innate immunity” against the virus after being infected with COVID-19 earlier this year.

Senator also made an enemy with Dr. Anthony Fauci and clashed with his recommended adherence to the CDC’s guidance.

Paul sent again Criminal referral letter To the Justice Department claiming Fauci lied before Congress about financing Gain of function research In Wuhan.

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