Rangers find a woman’s remains after a hiker discovers a nearby leg, according to Maryland officials

Hiker found a pair Red nike shoes and human feet According to the FBI, Rangers found the body of a woman remaining nearby on Saturday in a national park in Maryland.

Hiker I found my foot in a remote place In the woods away from the established paths of KakaoTalk Mountain Park, FBI spokeswoman Joygilas told Frederick Newspost. According to the press, the Rangers found the rest of the woman’s body, except for a missing limb within 100 yards.

The FBI said authorities did not know how long the body had stayed in the park, but authorities are investigating.

“Sad. That’s disappointing,” said director special agent Richard Lugieri. FBI Baltimore Office, Told the Washington Post. “This person has a story to tell. First, we need to understand who is talking.”

According to the FBI, women had black hair and wore long braids.

“She wore a black tracksuit, wrist guard, and red Nike shoes,” the FBI said in a news release. “She was also found in a set of keys, including a Puma handbag and an El Salvador keychain.”

Who to call

The FBI requires anyone who can help identify a woman or have information about someone who has disappeared in the last six months to contact the 800-CALL-FBI tipline. ..

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