Rank and File Special Measures for Police “Giant Face Slap”: Retired Officers


The retired Metropolitan Police Department is struggling to cope with the significant increase in demand with His Majesty’s Police Inspection Office (HMICFRS)’s decision to put police in “special measures.”

That’s because Kit Malthouse of the Metropolitan Police Department accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of being “sleeping in a car” with respect to the Metropolitan Police Department.

It was revealed that Matt Parr, head of HMICFRS, wrote to his deputy police chief, Sir Stephen House, that he had “a considerable period of time” and “substantial and lasting concerns” about Met. I did. He said action was needed on training, responding to 999 calls, and the unprocessed portion of the online child abuse investigation.

Retired Metropolitan Police Department Chris Hobbs said Met’s morale was already very low and the decision to introduce an engagement process, which is effectively a “special measure”, would be “clenching teeth” for frontline police officers. .. Those who have been criticized in every way.

He said the timing of HMICFRS’intervention was “strange” given that Home Secretary Priti Patel was trying to appoint a new member to replace Cressida Dick, who resigned in March.

Cressida Dick, the Commissioner of Police of the London, and Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, at the memorial service for Sergeant Matt Ratana, who was killed in Westminster, central London, on November 29, 2021. (Via Victoria Jones / Pool / AFP, via Getty Images)

Hobbes told The Epoch Times, “That’s sudden … it seems a bit strange unless they want to force new commissioners to tackle the problem right away.”

“The job was too big for her”

He defended Cressida Dick, who said he wasn’t incompetent, but added, “The bottom line is that the job is too big for her … in fact, it’s too big for everyone.”

Hobbes did not apply for this job because he believed that Northamptonshire Chief Officer Nick Adderley could make a big difference with the immediate support of Rank and File executives. Said he was disappointed.

The Metropolitan Police Department has been hit by a series of scandals over the past two years. Racist, misogynist, and homosexual messages exchanged by Charing Cross police officers. Strip search for “child Q”. And the “seemingly incomprehensible” failure in the investigation of serial killer Stephen Port led to a decision to re-investigate police officers on June 23.

In March HMICFRS has also published a report It said Met’s approach to police corruption was “fundamentally flawed” and “unsuitable.”

Hobbes said: They allowed the police officers of Rank and File to be defiled as corrupt, misogynists, racists, and brutal figures, and that’s simply not … but it’s the abuse that police officers suffer on the streets. Raise the level of, and frankly it’s not fair.

He admits that: “There is a problem with training. It’s a bit of a mess. But this claim that all officers need or need a degree is ridiculous.”

Hobbes said many executives working early in the morning, late at night, and night shifts are expected to get a bachelor’s degree and write a dissertation when they’re not working, and many “simply can’t deal with it.” “He said.

Epoch Times Photo
People in the crowd turned on a telephone torch at Clapham Common in London for a rally in Sarah Evalard in March 2021. (PA)

“Another ridiculous decision was to create a person responsible for the response. [those dealing with 999 calls] We also investigate crime. When do they have time to do it? It’s not fair to them, nor is it fair to the victims of the crime they are supposed to investigate, “he added.

According to a letter from HMICFRS, Met has many “young and inexperienced” recruits brought in on behalf of thousands of executives whose jobs have been reduced under the austerity policy introduced by the David Cameron administration. And said that too many were not entitled. Leadership or guidance.

Frontline officer “wet behind the ears”

Hobbes said: “Critiques of inexperienced officers on the front lines are legitimate. They don’t run away, but sometimes they make bad decisions … often they get wet behind their ears and save them from trouble. You need that “old hand” that you can, but they aren’t around. “

Police Minister Kit Malthaus upheld the HMICFRS decision to Congress on Wednesday, saying: The highest professional standards. They expect them to understand the basics correctly. So many Metropolitan Police Departments do just that … but it’s clear that public confidence is seriously undermined. “

Later, London Mayor Sadiq Khan accused him of “sleeping in the car,” saying: It’s not time for the mayor to keep a distance. He has to lean forward. “

The Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement on Tuesday night, stating: We understand the impact this has had on the community and share the disappointment of the community. We are determined to be a police service that Londoners can be proud of. We are discussing the next steps with the inspector. “

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