Ranking from worst to highest, including all actors who played Batman, Robert Pattinson


Robert Pattinson of “Batman”.Warner Bros.

  • Batman is one of the characters that pop culture doesn’t fully understand.

  • Some actors have become legendary thanks to playing The Dark Knight.

  • Here we rank all the actors who played that role in television and movies.

10. George Clooney (“Batman & Robin”, 1997)

George Clooney Batman & amp; Robin

George Clooney from “Batman & Robin”.Warner Bros.

Still trying to find his foothold-“ER”, Clooney, Val Kilmer saidBatman Forever.. It turned out to be a disaster.

Fans were exhausted by Joel Schumacher’s colorful aesthetics, and the cartoon villains played by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Mr. Freeze) and Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy) leveled off. In addition, Clooney’s Batman was so joking that he turned the moody Dark Knight into a playful and tender person.

In 2013, Clooney said: He keeps his photo as Batman To remind him how bad it was.

9. Lewis G. Wilson (“Batman” TV Show, 1943)

Lewis Wilson Batman Columbia Pictures

“Batman” TV show Lewis G. Wilson.Columbia Pictures

Wilson is characterized by being the first actor to star in the 1943 series and play Batman.

He had cartoons as a reference point, but Wilson was still at a disadvantage of wearing tights first. He has himself, but it’s certainly not a memorable performance. Look at him in a role..

8. Robert Lowery (“Batman & Robin” TV Show, 1949)

Robert Lowery Batman Columbia Pictures

Robert Lowery on the TV show “Batman & Robin”.Columbia Pictures

The second effort in the Batman TV series led to the casting of a larger actor to play Batman. Raleigh’s physique and a better fighting scene in the show will be a more enjoyable experience.

7. Will Arnett (“The Lego Movie”, 2014, “The Lego Batman Movie”, 2017, “The Lego Movie 2: Part 2”, 2019)

Lego Movie 2 Batman

Does Arnett speak to Lego Batman?Warner Bros. Animation

It’s hard to say whether it’s easy or difficult for Arnett to have only Batman’s voice to play the Lego version, but it’s still interesting.

He”Lego movie“”Lego Batman Movie,” When “Lego Movie 2: Part 2.. “

6. Ben Affleck (“Batman vs Superman Justice Birth” 2016; “Suicide Squad” 2016; “Justice League” 2017; “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” 2021; “Flash” 2022)

Batman Justice League

Ben Affleck from “Batman v Superman: The Birth of Justice”.Warner Bros.

Most of the actors on this list had to deal with scrutiny when they agreed to take on the role of Batman. But definitely Ben Affleck was the worst.

To deal with the hatred of social media that accompanies becoming a superstar in today’s world, Affleck said he “Batman vs SupermanBut he was gloomy and played the character well as a prime of the past.

5. Val Kilmer (“Batman Forever”, 1995)

Val Kilmer Batman Warner Bros.

Val Kilmer from “Batman Forever”.Warner Bros.

Kilmer appeared in a smoother style, and the audience enjoyed it, as Michael Keaton had to replace him after he stopped making the third Batman movie.

movie Made more than “Batman Returns“It would have been interesting to see what would happen if Kilmer had stayed for another movie.

4. Adam West (“Batman” TV Show, 1966)

Adam West Batman 20th Century Fox

“Batman” TV show Adam West.20th Century Fox

Whether you like it or hate it, West’s Batman depiction is peculiar and is permanently imprinted on many brains.He is the first image that many of us have about the character (he Christian Bale’s favorite Batman). West gave the character a squeaky, clean persona, perfect for children’s shows.

The only thing that knocked him was that his fighting ability wasn’t what he wanted.

3. Robert Pattinson (“The Batman”, 2022)

Batman Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson of “Batman”.Warner Bros.

Pattinson’s Batman is still very rough because he focuses on his second year character as Gotham’s Dark Knight. Instead of seeing Bruce Wayne as prime minister as a superhero, it’s so fascinating because he uses his raw talent and desire to do Gossam better every night.

Pattinson also plays the character in the darkness and anger that you can’t take your eyes off of him.

2. Christian Bale (“Batman Begins”, 2005, “The Dark Knight”, 2008, “The Dark Knight Rises”, 2012)

Batman begins Christian Bale

Christian Bale of “Batman Begins”.Warner Brothers

There is no doubt about the chop of Veil’s acting and his dedication to the character he undertakes, and he certainly delivered in three times he played the character. It can be argued that it is incomprehensible when Bale speaks as Batman, or that his creativity, directed by Christopher Nolan, has greatly helped him.

Anyway, the veil has brought strength to a character you’ve never seen before.

1. Michael Keaton (“Batman”, 1989, “Batman Returns”, 1992, “Flash”, 2022)

Batman Michael Keaton

Michael Keaton of “Batman”.Warner Bros.

Keaton’s casting is arguably there as one of the biggest gambling studios have ever made. Keaton, best known for his comedy work, faced an almost universal fan backlash when it was released in the 1989 film.

However, Keaton proved that everyone was wrong and, along with Tim Burton, regained legitimacy in the previously life-supporting franchise. Keaton, who can play a dark and mysterious character but still have a bitter smile, paved the way for what Batman will look like over the next few decades.

Keaton is very confident in his performance in that role He can say, “I’m Batman.” And what do you know? I think he is right.

Honorable Mention: Kevin Conroy cannot be excluded

Batman Animation Warner Bros.

Kevin Conroy is the voice of the anime Batman.Warner Bros.

Many actors have spoken Batman, but some stand out.

Kevin Conroy It’s basically the “voice” of The Dark Knight, playing characters from the “Batman: Animation Series” in the early 1990s, and almost every other character related to Batman in animation and video games.

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