Rapper Kodak Black, who was pardoned by Trump in the last few hours as president, was arrested in Florida on suspicion of drugs.


  • According to the Miami Herald, Kodak Black was arrested in Florida on Friday for a drug-related felony.

  • The wrapper was pulled because of the expired registration tag and the “looked darker than legal limit” window.

  • Police said they found a small transparent bag containing 31 tablets of oxycodone and a total of $ 74,960 in cash.

Rapper Kodak Black was arrested after being pulled to a transportation stop for drug possession and trafficking in Florida, officials said.

Kodak Black (real name Bill Kahan Capri) drives a purple Dodge Durango when pulled by the Florida Highway Patrol due to an expired registration tag and window that “looked darker than legal limits” That was done, said Lieutenant Alex Camacho. , according to Miami Herald.

Police reportedly found a small transparent bag during the search, with a strong smell of marijuana from inside the car. This included 31 tablets of oxycodone and a total of $ 74,960 in cash.

according to Prison online record, Capri is detained in Broward County Jail for trafficking less than 25 grams of oxycodone in possession of controlled substances without a prescription.

According to Broward County clerk, Rapper was charged with a felony, one trafficking in Oxycodone, and less possession of controlled substances. A $ 75,000 deposit for Black’s release was negotiated at a bail hearing on Saturday morning, said his lawyer Bradford Cohen. Rolling stone..

“Don’t judge the case based on arrest, especially in this case, there are facts and circumstances that cause defense,” Cohen told Rolling Stone on Saturday morning. “We will move forward to resolve the issue quickly.”

Rapper was sentenced to 46 months in prison in 2019 for deliberately making a false statement in a federal form to obtain a firearm from a federal firearms dealer. In January 2021, Capri was approved on the last day of the inauguration of former President Donald Trump. pardonPraised his philanthropic work.

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