Rare coins coined in colonial New England sell for $ 350,000


Boston — One of the first coins cast in the New England colony, recently found among other coins in candy cans and auctioned for more than $ 350,000, higher than expected, auctioneers said. Said on Friday.

London-based Morton & Eden Ltd. sees in a statement as the best example of dozens of such coins, one shilling coin manufactured in Boston in 1652 (which is still known to exist today). Has been made) said it was sold to anonymous online bidders in the United States. ..

The auctioneer expected it to sell for about $ 300,000.

“I’m not surprised by the high level of interest this extraordinary coin has attracted,” coin specialist James Morton said in a statement. “The price paid was above the estimate, but it reflects its extraordinary historical importance and outstanding original preservation.”

Prior to 1652, coins from England, the Netherlands, the Spanish Empire, and other countries were used as currencies in New England.

However, due to a lack of money, the Massachusetts State Court appointed John Hull as Boston’s Moneyer and was responsible for producing the first silver coins in North America. According to the auctioneer, mint, which was considered rebellious by Charles II, was closed in 1682.

On one side of the simple coin is the New England initial NE, and on the other side is the Roman numeral XII, which represents the 12 penny of shilling.

The coin was put up for auction by Wentworth “Wentworth” Beaumont. His father recently found it in a candy can containing hundreds of old coins in a study at a family mansion in England.

Beaumont is a descendant of William Wentworth, an early pioneer of New England. Wentworth has become one of New Hampshire’s most prominent families.

Beaumont speculated that his ancestors brought coins from the colony to Britain.

Several other rare American coins were also sold at auction. Each pair of 1776 pewter dollars earned nearly $ 80,000, and the Libertas Americana bronze medal won over $ 17,000.

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