Rashida Tlaib urges Palestinian rights to Joe Biden in the face of rising pressure in the Middle East


Democratic U.S. Congressman Rashida Tlaib said he had to meet briefly with President Joe Biden in Michigan on Tuesday morning to take steps to deal with Israeli violence against Palestinians and human rights abuses.

“Palestinian human rights must be protected, not negotiated, not the trump card,” a parliamentarian told the president at Tribe’s office.

Tribe, who met Biden with US Congressman Debbie Dingell of Dearborn at Detroit Metro Airport, commented: Violence surge in the Middle East last week, Rocket attacks, beatings, and other combat killed more than 200 people.

Biden was in southeast Michigan Tour the Ford Motor Company factory in DearbornThere is a large community of Arab-Americans, and on Tuesday there were some protests against Biden and the United States’ continued support of Israel.

Critics of the Israeli government claim that Palestinians have been expelled from their homes and denied their basic rights. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, a territory blocked by Israel, is lobbying Israeli targets for rockets. However, Palestinian territory has been blamed for violence and death from Israeli attacks.

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Tribe, the only Palestinian-American in Congress, who lives on the west bank where his grandmother is dominated by Israel, has frankly criticized Israel. When she spoke to Biden, who said her office supported the ceasefire but also acknowledged Israel’s right to protect itself, she said, “The same message she shared publicly with the house floor. I told you … I can’t keep giving billions of dollars to the right-wing Netanyahu government every year to commit crimes against Palestinians in the United States. “

“Atrocities like bombing schools are unacceptable and far less common with US-supplied weapons. Parliamentarian Tlaib says that the current situation allows for more killings, nothing against the Israeli government. The current US approach of supporting conditions is not working, and the White House must do more to protect the lives, dignity and human rights of Palestinians. “

It wasn’t just the situation they were talking about. Tlaib also said he admitted that Biden was in Metro Detroit and toured a factory specializing in the manufacture of electric trucks by union workers. “The green future means the work of a well-paid union for our community,” her office said.

During his speech at the Ford plant, Biden said he had selected both Dingel and Tribe and praised Tribe’s intelligence and compassion. He said she wanted her family on the west bank to be safe.

“I promise to do everything I can to make sure they are,” Biden said.

However, his administration has revealed that it will not publicly do so while working to resolve the current battle.

His spokesman, Jen Psaki, said much of the debate about ending violence had taken place outside the public and will continue. “Sometimes diplomacy has to happen behind the scenes,” she said.

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This article was originally published in Detroit Free Press: Rashida Tlaib tells Joe Biden about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict