Rattlesnakes claim at the popular SC beach, video show.Social media was horrifying

According to the video show, beach-goers went for a walk when they encountered a sly sly surprise on the South Carolina coast.

It turns out that the venomous snake was betting on the popular sand Myrtle Beach State ParkAccording to a video of Facebook user Michelle L Robert.

“I just thought I would take a nice walk On the beach“She wrote on Tuesday, July 26th. “I was looking for sea glass when something in the water caught my eye.”

Robert shared photos and videos of his encounter with reptiles. Horrified some social media users..

“Holy Molly” A person commented on Facebook. “It’s crazy, scary, and amazing.”

“Yes, I In the pool“Another person wrote.

From the end, the snake seemed to enjoy the sun and surfing.

“Crazy … I think he liked it,” Robert wrote. “The waves were throwing him and he was back!”

In a follow-up post, Robert says the creatures Kane Break Rattlesnake.. This species, also known as the Timberrattlesnake, is one of the six poisons found. South Carolina..

Timberrattlesnakes live throughout the state and grow up to 5 feet in length. They usually do not behave aggressively against people, Anyone who sees them According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, keeping a safe distance is required.

Snake Chaser Wildlife Service told WPDE that the snake was probably over On the beach After it was washed away on the shore. The animal has been released According to the TV station, in a swampy area.

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