Raul Castro, a long buddy, finally the face of his country

Havana (AP) —For most of his life Raul Castro played the second string of his brother Fidel — first as a guerrilla commander and later as a senior in their socialist government. But for the past decade, the face of Communist Cuba has been Raul, a rebellion against US efforts to expel its socialist system, and efforts to build reconciliation with its long-standing enemy. was.

The 89-year-old young Castro resigned from the island’s Communist Party’s first secretary on Friday and announced that he would appoint the Castro-free Caribbean countries as official commanders for the first time since the early days of the revolution. Power over 60 years ago.

“I was happy and confident that I had fulfilled (my duty) the future of my country by my mission as my first secretary,” he said at the 8th Party Convention. I did. This is in contrast to the ardent oral fireworks of his brother who died in 2016.

Raul, the fourth of seven children of Spanish immigrants in eastern Cuba, joined the army of dictator Fulgencio in 1953 in a nearly suicide bombing of the Monkada army barracks in the eastern city of Santiago. Survived the crackdown by. Batista.

He led a major front in the subsequent guerrilla warfare, led by Fidel, who defeated Batista. And he served for the next generation as a military commander and ultimately as Fidel’s designated successor. For many years he was considered more orthodox communist than his brother.

When Fidel fell ill in 2006, Raul became president in 2006, officially inaugurated in 2008, and became leader of the ruling Communist Party in 2011. It was suppressing the economy controlled by the state.

It was Raul, who reached an agreement with US President Barack Obama in 2014, to create the widest US opening to Cuba since the early 1960s. It created a surge in contact with the United States, which was largely reversed under Obama’s successor, Donald Trump.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the young bearded rebels who led the revolution inevitably changed their command. In 2018, Raul Castro took over the presidency to Miguel Diaz Cannell, 60. Miguel Diaz Cannell was also widely expected to replace him as leader of the Almighty Party.

But Castro promised to stay involved.

“As long as I live, I’m ready to prepare food for my stirrup bones to protect my country, revolution, and socialism,” he said on Friday.