Raw meat eating, primitive lifestyle influencer The Liver King admits to lying about steroid use

  • The Liver King has amassed nearly five million followers by proselytizing a primitive lifestyle.

  • This includes eating raw liver or bone marrow, taking freezing showers, and doing strenuous exercise.

  • However, the influencer admitted to lying about using steroids this week.

spread raw meat eating and other primitive practices,healthy and happy“Life has come to light about steroid use.

According to a recent YouTube video titled “The liver king’s confession… it’s a lie.” Posted Thursday, the creator, whose real name is Brian Johnson, is suffering from pervasive self-esteem issues and started taking steroids last year.

“When 85% of the population says they suffer from self-esteem issues, it’s me. This is why I work to death in the gym. This is why I do blood-burning workouts 12-15 times a week.” ‘I just think it’s okay,’ he said in the video.

The confession was not made voluntarily. It arrived just days after the emails Johnson allegedly sent to bodybuilding coaches in 2021 were revealed. share According to another fitness and self-improvement YouTuber who uses More Plates More Dates, Johnson was taking about $11,000 worth of growth hormone omnitrop a month.

Johnson also described a cocktail of other drugs he was using at the time, including testosterone Cypionate, Deca-Durabolin, and steroids such as Winstrol. Today, he said in a YouTube video that he takes 120 mg of testosterone per week.

Admission was specifically charged because Johnson projected his image to a nature-oriented diet and exercise regimen.

On his website, Johnson says he wears UVEX glasses to block out the “non-native light spectrum,” takes freezing showers, walks around barefoot, and eats raw meat (i.e. liver, bone marrow, and bull). testicles).

He’s previously lied about his steroid use on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube for fear of damaging his brand, which has nearly five million followers, but in his latest video, he reveals that his ancestors I said that ideology has room for modern medicine.

“I believe there is a time and place for pharmacological intervention, monitored and managed by a trained hormone specialist.

Johnson did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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