RCMP commissioner hinted at ministers considering using emergency law in early February: text message

RCMP commissioner Brenda Lucki told Ontario Police Department (OPP) officials in early February that the federal government has lost control of, or lost confidence in, the Freedom Convoy with the Ottawa Police Service (OPS). , hinted that Liberal ministers were considering using the emergency law.

“Between you and me, GoC [Government of Canada] We have lost/lost faith in OPS… safe action/enforcement must begin,” Lucki wrote in a text message to OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique on Feb. 5.

“Because if they go to emergency measures, you and [I] I might be brought in by the leader…not what I want.

The text message was entered as evidence on October 27 to an emergency committee against public order.

Carrique told Lucki that he had just finished a meeting with the team and had probably called Peter, OPS chief Peter Sloly at the time.

Carrique asked if he could call Lucki, who replied that he was on the phone with a minister.

“I try to calm them down, but it’s not easy when you see cranes, structures, horses and bouncing castles in downtown Ottawa,” Lucky said.

“Do you have any suggestions for calming them down?”

“You don’t want to answer this call. Not good.”

freedom convoy

The Freedom Convoy truck driver-led protests arrived in Ottawa on January 28 and settled downtown.

Prior to the convoy’s arrival, OPS assessed that the convoy would only remain for the weekend, despite OPP information suggesting it would be there for an extended period of time.

City officials and elected officials at various levels said the protests represented “riots” or “unprecedented violence.”

On the same day Lucky spoke of the liberal minister’s mood, Kalik sent her an “end-of-the-day status report,” presumably produced by his subordinates.

“The story is neither aggressive nor violent,” it says. “The mood in the crowd is festive and there are no issues to report.”

Reports show that protest organizers contacted police to advise or demand their plans.

“Advice from the organizer [redacted] They will ensure emergency routes remain open and attempts will be made to remove the wooden structures,” the report said.

“Organizers say they are committed to keeping interactions with police positive.”

The only issue highlighted in the report came from the Congressional Protection Service, which feared fireworks would be set off due to the presence of fuel canisters in the area, and noted that “significant amounts of open alcohol were being used within the protest area. was consumed,” he said. ”

Noe Chartier


Noé Chartier is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Montreal. Twitter: @NChartierET Gettr: @nchartieret