RCMP states that no urgent law was needed to clear the border blockade


The RCMP Commissioner states that the authority granted by the enforcement of the Emergency Act was not used to clear the February border blockade.

“The RCMP jurisdiction has successfully used a measured approach and existing legislation to resolve the border blockage,” said Congressman Brenda Lucki, who is considering a declaration of emergency on May 10. I told the special joint committee.

Solidarity border closures begin in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario after a truck driver from Freedom Convoy arrives in Ottawa on January 29 and demands that COVID-19’s obligations and restrictions be lifted. I did.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enacted an emergency law for the first time on February 14, removing protests and obstructions because of the economic harm they did to the country.

“The blockade is hurting our economy and endangering public safety. The critical supply chain is disrupted. It is a worker who relies on these jobs to support his family. I’m hurt, “Tordo said at the time.

The blockade at the Pacific Highway border intersection in Sally, British Columbia was cleared by RCMP on February 14.

Protesters at the Katz Border Crossing in Alberta voluntarily left the scene on the morning of February 15.

Protesters at the Emerson border crossing in Manitoba left on February 16 after negotiating with police that no arrests would take place.

The most costly action for Canadian-US trade was the blockade at Windsor’s Ambassador Bridge, which was not under the jurisdiction of the RCMP and was police on February 13, the day before a public order and morals emergency was declared. Cleared by.

If RCMP does not need to use the authority granted by law, such as the ability to specify a non-protest zone, the ability to force a towing company to remove a vehicle, the ability to freeze a protester’s financial account, Lucki will be legal. Said that it had a deterrent effect on the participants.

“I’m leaving because I don’t want my account to be frozen or because I don’t want the truck to be towed,” she told the committee personally.

Lucky said the force to force a tow truck would help remove the tow truck in Katz if the law had been put into effect before, but the state will eventually have its own to do the work. He said he bought a tow truck.

The commissioner said the authority granted by the law helped clear a three-week truck driver-led civilian demonstration in Ottawa.

“It has given us a lot of power to carry out its enforcement in the safest way possible to protect the safety of Canadians and police officers,” she said.

The Freedom Convoy protest liquidation operation began on February 18, with large-scale deployment of police officers, some wearing full military equipment and shooting guns, and others at some point. The protesters of the department were trampled on horseback.

After the weekend’s execution, the protests were resolved and the government revoked public order and morals on February 23. Two days ago, the Liberal Party voted in the House of Commons for confidence on this issue.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.