RCMP Union Supports Mountains to Avoid COVID19 Vaccination Despite Federal Order

A union representing Ottawa-RCMP officers has stated that it will support the decision of members of “whether or not to be vaccinated” against COVID-19 in accordance with a federal order to immunize Mountains.

The Liberal government announced this week that core civil servants, including RCMP members and reservists, will need to be vaccinated or unpaid and suspended as early as November 15.

Brian Sobe, president of the National Police Federation, said Friday that the union is hoping for a more “meaningful, real” dialogue with the government on policy.

The federation, which represents about 20,000 members, is disappointed with the government’s “notified involvement” approach to policy announcements, SauvĂ© said in a statement.

“In line with the obligations of fair representatives, as we have maintained throughout 2021, the NPF will continue to support members’ access to vaccines and their choice of vaccination. We have revealed to them the potential consequences of the decision, “said SauvĂ©.

“We will continue to monitor the implementation of this policy framework by the Finance Commission and RCMP and will support each member appropriately as needed.”

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucky publicly advertises vaccination against COVID-19, saying in a tweet Thursday that “it could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.” Don’t be late, get vaccinated today! “

She thanked Dr. Peter Clifford, RCMP’s Chief Medical Advisor, for a video message telling members that COVID-19 vaccination is important to protect themselves from serious and fatal illnesses.

“Think this way. As a police officer, you’re wearing body armor because you can save your life if shot,” Clifford said in a video posted on the RCMP website. say.

“When you get in a car, you can save your life in an accident, so wear a seatbelt.”

Vaccines work in much the same way, he says. “It’s like body armor or seat belts for your lungs. There’s no guarantee that you won’t get sick, but if you get sick, that’s why you survive.”

This video advises RCMP members to report vaccine status to departmental occupations and medical services.

Jim Bron Skill