Ready to take “full control” at Kabul Airport after the US departs


Two senior officials in the group said Friday that the Taliban terrorist group had “full control” of almost every area near the airport in the Afghan capital and was ready to take over as soon as the U.S. military departed. Insisted on.

One of the elderly said their troops had taken over the area, except for the “small part” near Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and the “area where Americans are stationed.”

“As soon as the Americans leave, they need to signal us, and then we’ll take over,” he said. “This can be done as early as this weekend,” he added.

However, U.S. Department of State spokesman Ned Price said operating the airport was “not a simple business” and that the Taliban would be able to operate normally from September 1, the day after the U.S. military officially withdrew. Is not expecting.

Edward price
US State Department spokesman Edward Price will hold a press conference on Afghanistan on August 16, 2021 at the State Department in Washington. (Via Kevin Lamarck / Pool / AFP, Getty Images)

“I think it’s probably unreasonable to expect normal airport operations on September 1st,” Price said on Friday, saying that the US departure from troubled Middle Eastern countries would be on August 31st. Upon completion, the airport was basically given “back to the people of Afghanistan”.

The official Taliban spokesperson was not immediately available to provide a statement on this issue.

It was believed that Turkey would continue to provide technical assistance for operations at Kabul’s airport, as the deadline for the complete withdrawal of all international forces is rapidly approaching.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a press conference that the Taliban had requested Turkey to assist in carrying out operations at the airport.

Epoch Times Photo
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan issued a statement after a cabinet meeting held in Ankara, Turkey on May 17, 2021. (Distribution via MuratCetinmuhurdar / PPO / Reuters)

“The Taliban has made a request regarding the operation of Kabul Airport,” they say, “we ensure security and allow you to operate it.” But we haven’t made a decision yet, as there is always the possibility of dying, “Erdogan said. According to Hurriyet Daily News..

“We must first look at a picture of Afghanistan. Currently, the country has a serious power vacuum. We will make a decision after the new administration is inaugurated.”

Turkey, which is part of NATO’s mission, has been responsible for the security of Kabul Airport for the past six years.

When the Taliban took over the country, the United States took control of the airport. This is the only ground under US military control prior to the planned withdrawal on August 31, with President Joe Biden continuing to promise and the Taliban continue to insist.

Tom Ozimek contributed to this report.

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