Receipts of yoga classes and nose work registered under fake names led authorities to a woman accused of murdering a star cyclist


Side by side photos of Caitlin Marie Armstrong with long blonde curly hair

Authorities are looking for Caitlin Marie Armstrong, who was charged with the murder of Moria Wilson.US Marshal Service

  • Caitlin Marie Armstrong was arrested in Costa Rica 43 days after star cyclist Moria Wilson was killed.

  • Witnesses told Inside Edition that she had found two passports and a receipt for a nose job in a locker at the hotel where she was arrested.

  • Officials said Armstrong helped find her by taking a yoga class in Costa Rica.

Murderer Caitlin Marie Armstrong, Arrested in Costa Rica on Thursday In connection with Taken by professional cyclist Moriah Wilson I took a yoga class in Texas on May 11th and used an alias to hide her identity.

Brandon Fira, a deputy marshal in the United States, said at a news conference that yoga teacher Armstrong was trying to establish a yoga career in Costa Rica. Attending a yoga class under her fake name served as a paper trail to guide the authorities to her. Reported by Velo News.

“When she got to Costa Rica, she didn’t move much,” he said. “We knew she had something to do with a yoga studio. When foreign officials arrived at the yoga studio, they were handwritten, the same alias as when she traveled to Costa Rica. I found a login. “

Armstrong was arrested at the Don Johns Yoga Lodge in Santa Teresa, a small town in Costa Rica, after an arrest warrant was issued over a month ago. Armstrong has been charged with first-class murder in connection with Wilson’s death.

Armstrong will be deported and returned to the United States. According to a statement from the U.S. Marshals Service..

“I came to Costa Rica with a passport that didn’t correspond to her identity, but the document wasn’t forged,” Armstrong said. Told to CNN..The identity of the passport was not revealed, but witness Zachary Paulsen Told Inside Edition A second passport named after Armstrong’s sister was left behind in a locker at the hotel where she was arrested.

Paulsen told Inside Edition that he had found a $ 6,350 worth of cosmetic surgery receipts in the same locker. Fira also said that Armstrong had bandaged her nose, changed her hair, dyed it brown and cut it short.

Armstrong, who flew from Newark Liberty International Airport to San Jose, Costa Rica on May 18, sold the Jeep on May 13 and used $ 12,200 to support himself while in Costa Rica, Inside Edition. Reported.

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