Received skin allergy report, Facebook recalls Oculus Quest 2 face mask liner

Oculus Quest 2

Devindra Hardawar / Engadget

Facebook received recommendations from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada to voluntarily recall the mask part of their Oculus Quest 2 VR helmet.According to Andrew Bosworth, director of Facebook Reality Labs,Blog postAccording to the report, a “very small portion” of Quest 2 users reported that they would experience skin allergies regardless of whether they used the included or additional replaceable foam face mask pads.

Bosworth said that Facebook had re-examined the production process after receiving the report, but did not find any accidental or harmful substances in the liner. However, they took the initiative to recall related parts for safety.As an alternative, Facebook will provide free silicone face pads, users can go to Oculus official websiteGo through the registration process.

At the same time, Facebook also temporarily stopped selling Quest 2 and will add a silicone face pad to the box. It is expected to resume normal sales on August 24. Oculus also took the opportunity to launch a new 128GB storage space version of Quest 2, which will directly replace the 64GB version. The price remains at $299. It will also be officially launched on August 24.