Reconstructed wreckage of a TWA plane destroyed 25 years after the aerial explosion

95% of the planes were recovered from the Atlantic Ocean 10 months after the crash (Getty Images)

95% of the planes were recovered from the Atlantic Ocean 10 months after the crash (Getty Images)

The reconstructed wreckage of TWA Flight 800 has been carefully reassembled as part of an investigation into what happened. Boeing 747Will be destroyed following the 25th anniversary of the tragedy.

The aircraft crashed at 8:30 pm on July 17, 1996, just 12 minutes after takeoff. New Yorkof John F Kennedy Airport On the way to Paris..

All 230 people on board were killed in an aerial explosion off the Atlantic Ocean. Long island..

It remains one of the most deadly aviation accidents in US history. In addition to the tragedy, there was ongoing suspicion that the in-flight explosion was the result of a terrorist attack.

A four-year investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) after the crash concluded that the cause was a spark from an electrical failure that ignited a mixture of flammable fuel and air in a central fuel tank. It was.

As part of the investigation, more than 1,600 planes were recovered from the waters off New York and reassembled to determine what happened.

The NTSB has now announced that the unforgettable 93-foot, 60,000-pound rebuilt shell of the plane, including the characteristic Boeing 747 upper deck window, will be destroyed.

The reassembled plane was moved from New York to Ashburn, Virginia in 2003 and used to train first responders and transport safety investigators.

Not disclosed as part of an agreement with the victim’s family. However, loved ones are allowed to visit, and some leave a small memory mark on the assigned seats of their deceased relatives.

The lease has expired on the hanger where the plane is stored, and the NTSB has determined that it is no longer practical to maintain it.

“Twenty-five years later, the family realized it was a reasonable time to let it go,” said James Hall, who chaired the NTSB during the TWA800 crash and investigation. “Nevertheless, it’s bittersweet.”

Frank Hilldrup, an NTSB employee on the former team of Flight800 investigators, told CNN: “

Very few aircraft were rebuilt after the crash as part of the investigation. One was Pan Am Flight 103, which crashed in the town of Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. A terrorist bomb dropped a jet liner on its way from London Heathrow to New York.

The scale of the operation to retrieve the TWA Flight 800 was immeasurable. The US Navy, FBI, 200 divers, 14 vessels, remote-controlled vehicles, and contracted trawlers were deployed and recovered 95% of the planes in 10 months.

Almost a year later, the bodies of all those who died were also recovered.

Suspicion of a terrorist attack was heightened by eyewitness testimony of hundreds of “flare-like” objects near the airline before it burned. Some spectators used the term “rocket” or “missile” and there were many plots.

Just five years before 9/11, the Clinton administration examined whether state-sponsored actors carried out an attack on the continental United States.

When the real cause was considered an accident, the safety advisory changed regulations on the design and manufacturing of airplanes.

The 230 people on board TWA 800 came from 14 countries, including 152 Americans and 40 French.

There were 18 crew members and 20 off-duty TWA employees in flight aimed at advancing the aircraft from Paris to Rome.

Notable passengers include French hockey player Michelle Bristrov, guitarist Marcel Dadi, composer David Hogan, and 12-year partners of interior designer and director Jed Johnson and Andy Warhol. I did.

In addition, there were 16 students and 5 adult chaperones from a French club at Montoursville Regional High School in Pennsylvania.

A private memorial service will be held on Saturday on Long Island for the victims’ families.

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