Recount Confirms Indicted Colorado Clerk Loses Election

DENVER (AP) — Recounts allow indicted Colorado County Clerk to who complained of vote fraud She lost the primary she ran for last month in an attempt to win the post that runs the state’s elections, officials said Thursday.

With little change, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters won an additional 13 votes in a recount of the votes cast in the June 28 election to determine the Republican nominee for Secretary of State. Democratic Secretary of State Jenna Griswold said in her statement that Peters won about 29% of the vote.

Pam Anderson, winner of the GOP primary for the job of overseeing Colorado’s election, received an additional 13 votes during the recount, finishing with 43%. Mike O’Donnell, the third nominee, additionally he received 11 votes.

Peters’ voicemail was full and he did not immediately return text messages or emails asking for comment on the recount results.

She filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Griswold and the state’s county clerk, alleging that the recount was not done in accordance with state law. should have been verified with handcounts before recounting began.

Griswold’s office said in a statement that the lawsuit was moot.

“This lawsuit’s allegations are based on the uncovering of a conspiracy that has been dismissed by judges in previous trials. the statement said.

Seeking evidence of a conspiracy theory spun by former President Donald Trump after his 2020 election loss, Peters has accused her role of allowing unauthorized people to break into the county’s electoral system. On suspicion, he faces several felony charges.

She denies doing anything illegal and claims the charges were politically motivated. She has issued reports alleging questionable activity within the voting system, which has been debunked by various officials and experts.

A judge barred Peters from overseeing last year’s and this year’s Mesa County local elections.

Peters’ losses in the Republican secretary of state primary didn’t require an automatic recount, but she did raise more than the $256,000 needed for a single payout. It’s reportedly mostly from out-of-state supporters after asking for help on Steve Bannon’s podcast.

During a recount, 37 voter-filled and returned ballots were found in a bin of returned undeliverable ballots ready for storage in Elbert County, near Denver. .

The ballots, which were opened and counted for the first time during the recount, did not change the outcome of any race, the secretary of state said.

A breakdown of the county recount results provided by the Griswold office showed that there were some minor changes in the voting results in other counties as well, which changed the outcome of the vote.

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