Rejects Swiss initiative to ban factory farming

GENEVA – Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to ban factory farming in a referendum on whether the wealthy country’s draconian animal welfare laws need to be further tightened.

The government’s VoteInfo app had 62.86 percent of votes against a proposal put to a referendum under Switzerland’s direct democratic system, which has a constitutional requirement to protect the dignity of livestock such as cows, chickens and pigs. We have provided preliminary results.

VoteInfo receives vote results data collated by the Federal Statistical Office.

“I voted against it,” Geneva resident Fabrice Drouin said.

‚ÄúThere are some farmers who do intensive farming with animals, but they respect animal welfare and need to do at least a little factory farming to feed their population. You will not be able to eat meat.”

In the second referendum, Switzerland narrowly voted in favor of an old-age insurance reform that would raise the retirement age for women from 64 to 65.

The agriculture proposal called for the government to set stricter rules for animal care and slaughter, including allowing access to the outdoors. was also targeted.

The government opposed the proposal, saying such changes would violate trade agreements, increase investment and operating costs, and push up food prices.

“I think people generally regulate themselves,” said Geneva resident Florian Bourbon, who opposed the initiative. “I don’t think we need a legal framework for this.”

In the third ballot, 52.01% of voters rejected measures providing for the abolition of withholding tax on bond interest introduced to prevent tax evasion.

Investors can get a tax refund provided they disclose their interest income in their tax returns, but the government believes that abolishing the tax would reduce administrative costs and make Switzerland more attractive for business. claimed to be something.

Cecil Mantovani