Relaxed Omicron Limits in Scotland

The final restrictions set for the Omicron variants that dominate Scotland will be relaxed from Monday.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced last week that the nightclub could be reopened, but it also removes indoor event limits, table service requirements for venues selling alcohol, and social distance.

Measures were taken in December, with a maximum capacity of 500 for outdoor events, which was mitigated last Monday as a new variant caused a surge in cases, eventually reaching 20,000 on the first day of 2022. Exceeded.

However, the infection began to decline faster than expected and did not reach the worst-case scenario envisioned by the Scottish Government. Predictions are that 50,000 people could be infected with new variants daily at the peak of the wave.

However, face covering and self-isolation requirements will remain for the foreseeable future.

Sturgeon announced the end of the regulation on January 18, “although there is still considerable pressure and uncertainty, the data still give us confidence that we have turned the corner of the Omicron wave. I will. “

She told MSP: “The combination of booster vaccination, the willingness to adapt their behavior to aid in stem transmission, and the temporary safeguards introduced in December helped to mitigate the effects of the Omicron wave.”

The Prime Minister also said there would be no expansion of the vaccine passport system, despite the Cabinet’s review.

Tory leader Doug Ross said Thursday that the prime minister was “too ganho” to introduce new restrictions when new stocks were detected.

But in the BBC’s Sunday morning show, the sturgeon defended the use of restrictions and said it was “worth it.”

“Simply put, I think so, but it has a big impact on businesses and individuals.”

She added: “What I predicted through modeling was in January, before Christmas. There were about 50,000 infections per day, and no such thing was seen.

“I think it was a combination of accelerated booster campaigns … these wise and balanced safeguards introduced before Christmas, and finally, perhaps most importantly, Omicron to try to thwart transmission.

“Yes, yes, I think what we did was worth it, and hopefully Scotland … looks very solid down the Omicron wave. “I will.” Said Sturgeon.

PA media