Religious bills cause more debate

Christian Lobby of Australia states that if religious schools are attracted to the same sex and the provisions that allow gender discrimination to discriminate against students are withdrawn, support for the religious discrimination bill will be withdrawn.

The Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is hearing from religious groups, legal experts, and educational representatives on Thursday as part of an investigation into the proposed religious discrimination bill.

When asked by Senator Janet Reiss of Greens, Lobby Deputy Director Dan Flynn said that removing Section 38.3 of the Sexism Act “should not be organized in a five-minute corridor meeting.” Stated.

Flynn’s comment Allegations If the sexism law is amended and the clause is withdrawn, some moderate Liberal lawmakers will support the religious discrimination bill.

section 38.3 The provisions of the Gender Discrimination Act are currently practiced in good faith in educational institutions in accordance with religious teachings and, if done, do not consider a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, marriage or relationship or discrimination in pregnancy to be illegal. Hmm.

“There are no gay students,” Flynn said, but Senator Janet Reiss disputed the comment because the school already had the ability to discriminate.

“You will prefer to retain Section 38 (3), which allows schools to discriminate against dismissing teachers to expel students based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Will prefer to keep it, and if you had to choose, you would prefer to keep it over looking at this bill, “she insisted.

But Flynn said it wasn’t.

“They are completely different issues. This bill actually gives people additional rights. It doesn’t deprive people of the rights that currently exist,” Flynn said.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Law Alliance John Steenhoff is in faith, including a Christian teacher who was immediately dismissed in New South Wales for a conscientious objection to using names and pronunciations for transgender students. We have tabulated some case studies of based discrimination.

The teacher offered to teach another class or look for another job, but was soon fired.

Rice condemned Steenhoff’s claim that “the right to mislead children” could endanger the lives of transgender and non-dual children.

“Do you know the psychological distress, suicidal ideation, and actual suicide levels of transgender and gender-unidentified students at school?” She asked.

Steenhof argued that the case was not a “misunderstanding” of the students, but a “balance between a deep and conscientious view of the teacher and the rights of the students.”

“In this situation, the balance was not well struck because of the initial and immediate hostility to the teacher’s conscience.”

He claims that Rice is trying to make the argument “very emotional,” and is willing to exchange stories of deep emotional stories of people of faith who have been “badly treated and faced deep hostility.” I’m out. “

“I would like to talk about the actual case and focus on the aspects of religious discrimination that the bill deals with, not the gender or other protected attributes that other laws have long protected,” Steen said. Hoff said.

Religious Discrimination Bills are designed in good faith to protect those who express their religious beliefs unless they are done in good faith or in a manner that slanders, threatens, or threatens others. is.

Religious schools and organizations may prefer to hire people of the same faith, but this does not extend to hospitals, geriatric care facilities, and primarily accommodations.

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is a Melbourne-based Australian reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]