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Americans return to air travel and wipe out cheap fares

(Bloomberg) –The era of low-cost basement airfares is over, unleashing a wave of travel demand that has stalled US vaccine supply. Seats are low. A year after flights were often lined up with vacant seats, airlines restarted revenue management tools to raise fares as seat demand increased, boosting travel costs during peak summer seasons. I am. We’re happy with the price, “says 29-year-old Jackson Ralston, who lives in Lake Dallas, Texas. He monitors Google Flight fare alerts daily to attend his friend’s bachelor’s party this summer. The current ticket price from Dallas to Manchester, New Hampshire on the lake’s planned weekend is close to $ 600. The blow to consumer wallets is encouraging airlines that had to rely on billions of dollars of federal aid to survive the demand collapse caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Last year. With fare recovery, coupled with significant cost savings, airlines such as Delta and United Airlines Holdings are confident that they will end their deficit operations in the third quarter. After the fall in January, airline traffic more than doubled as the pandemic reached its worst level in the United States. According to Transportation Security Administration data, an average of about 1.7 million people fly daily in the past week. Among them is a new post-pandemic record of 1.86 million people on Sunday. Passenger levels are still 30% lower than at the same time in May 2019. Global ticket distribution system. When people plan vacations and weekend trips, the last three months are a rough substitute for the US summer buying season. Read more: Airline rally as a rebound for US travel is heading for the summer Accelerating price increases are likely to settle and make ultra-low fare a year ago a distant memory. According to travel search and analysis firm Hopper Inc.’s May 18 fare forecast, fares in the US domestic market averaged $ 283 from June to August, up 35% year-on-year, starting in the summer of 2019. It will drop by only 4% Montreal-based hopper economist Addit Damodalan said, “In the domestic market, we expect fares to reach 2019 levels.” This is to maintain a specific level of service. As a result, seat supply did not fall faster than demand.In late March 2020, a large number of people who wanted to fly stayed at home, and the airline offered a flight between New York and the West Coast for only $ 88. According to Hopper, airlines are making up for lost time by seizing consumers’ desire for leisure travel. Mainly domestic flights and popular Caribbean and Latin American beach destinations. Leisure travel Restrictions on people, a long-term mandatory quarantine protocol for inbound visitors. Industry executives see the recovery of travel in Asia lagging further. To coordinate, airlines are switching some of their largest twin-isle aircraft to domestic flights, which were primarily operated by smaller aircraft prior to the pandemic. Increased domestic wide-body aircraft by 30%. According to Cirium data, numbers will peak in June and July 2019. American Airlines Group uses Boeing’s large 777 jets on flights between Miami and John F. Kennedy International Airport in Los Angeles and New York, fully to 2019 levels, a record year for prices. There’s still a way to catch up. For air travel. Domestic leisure rates for the quarter were down about 18% compared to the same period two years ago, according to data compiled by TripActions for Bloomberg News. Compared to 2019, ticket prices will vary significantly by route. According to TripActions, the median round-trip ticket from Minneapolis to Orlando, where Disney and Universal theme parks are located, was $ 304.68 this quarter, down 28% from two years ago. From Los Angeles to Orlando is 12% lower. However, fares from New York to Miami are 39% higher, at $ 487. The improved pricing outlook has spurred a recovery in the Standard & Poor’s Index of major US airlines, rising 30% this year. The index rose to a six-week high on Wednesday following recent signs of a stronger recovery. Reserved fares for June flights are approaching the same level as two years ago, Southwest Airlines said. Announced on May 19. Similarly, United advertises July as the busiest flight schedule since March 2020, but monthly flights are about 20% lower than they were two years ago. United In July, it operated 126 new routes that weren’t there two years ago, as airlines and their competitors renew their networks to pursue leisure destinations far and far away. It’s a sign of what we’ve done. According to Glenn Howenstein, the company’s president, customers are resuming travel bookings even more in advance. At the Wolfe Research meeting on May 25, he said at the Wolfe Research meeting on May 25, “July is better than June and August is better than July.” “September is better than August” A story like this is available at Sign up now and stay ahead with the most trusted business news sources. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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