Renée Zellweger says he had to take “a lot of Benadryl” while filming “The Thing About Pam” because he was allergic to the prosthetic adhesive used.

Renée Zellweger as Pam Hupp.

Renée Zellweger as Pam Hupp.Skip Boren / NBC

  • Renée Zellweger said he had “a lot of Benadryl” to play Pam Hupp in “About Pam”.

  • She told Jimmy Fallon that she was allergic to the glue used to attach the prosthesis.

  • She said it took more than four hours to transform into Hupp early in the production.

Renée Zellweger said on Monday “Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon“She had to take” a lot of Benadryl “to put on her outfit in NBC’s new crime drama” About Pam. “

Zellweger had to wear a prosthesis to play the convicted murderer Pam Hupp, and told Fallon, “I was very allergic to the glue. It was cheerful.”

“Judy” actor She joked that she had done her job with “a lot of Benadryl”.

During the show, Happ is significantly heavier than Zellweger and begins around the day when Happ’s former friend Elizabeth “Betsy” Faria was. Killed on December 27, 2011..

So, in addition to the prosthesis, Zellweger said he had to wear a fatsuit and it took “about 4 hours 20 minutes or 30 minutes” to complete the process at the start of production. But by the end of the shoot, Zellweger said prosthesis designer Arius Titan “reduced within three hours.”

No matter how long it took, Zellweger enjoyed his time in the dressing chair. “You can call your mom into her chair and finish your Christmas shopping,” she told Fallon.

Renee Zellweger Bufftus

Zellweger won the Best Actress Award at the 2020 BAFTA.Gales Cater Mall / Getty Images

actor Earlier told Entertainment Tonight The costume’s “idea is accurate” made the process of converting to Hupp very time consuming. Zellweger explained that Happ “seems to be very familiar” to the audience. So it was important for Zellweger to correctly understand the physical characteristics of Happ so that the audience could feel it.

While talking to ET, Zellweger added that many of the reasons Happ, who lived in a small town in Missouri, first escaped her crimes were due to her appearance. People “projected” the person she thought she was, rather than seeing who Happ really was.

While the transformation of Zelwager is realistic, Controversial Instead of playing a mid-career actor, it’s because of the choice of having an established star wear a fatsuit.

Her boyfriend, Ant Anstead joked in Instagram caption Since then, his “smoke show” girlfriend Zellweger has said “Leave the wardrobe at work.“”

“The Thing About Pam” will air on Tuesday at 10 pm on NBC.

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