Rep. Elise Stefanik’s staff allegedly supports her “pedophile” theory of infant formula deficiencies.

After the critics beat the person in charge. Elise Stefanik (RN.Y.) Meaningless Condemns “ordinary pedophiles” for lack of milk powder prepared for babies in the United StatesHer office reportedly claimed that it didn’t mean anything at all.

A spokesman for extremist lawmakers said she wasn’t blaming “Pedophile” glyphter, But intended “Ped” which means “children” Writer and activist Parker Malloy reported on Saturday — it still doesn’t make sense.

“Pedophiles” or pedophiles are well-known dog whistle politics for QAnon conspiracy theorists who have unfounded beliefs that “pedophiles” are engaged in international child-trading activities.

Malloy reported that the strange distortion after Stephanik’s ridiculous Twitter post was captured in a recorded phone call to the parliamentary office by an unidentified “member.”present day.. “

Neither Stephanik nor the representative could immediately solicit comments, and the HuffPost could not confirm that the recording speaker was a Stephanik spokesperson. However, the recorded voice looked similar to the voicemail voice answering a call to Stefanik’s constituent offices.

The unidentified caller asks who is the “normal pedophile” that Stephanik mentions in his tweet.

“First of all, this is her personal Twitter. You just have to be careful,” the staff replied, noting that the office was called many times on this issue. “And second,” pedo “is not an abbreviation for” pedophile, “but” pedo, “like” children. ” “

“So are these the people who are drifting their children?” Ask the confused caller. “How are they offending children? Or are they drifting children?”

The person replies: “No, not a drifting child … people drifting for a child.”

When asked to explain how it works, a spokesman says he “can’t really analyze it.” You can listen to the full phone here:

Friday’s staff gave the independent a slightly different version of the “Pedglyphter”. Republican of the Lincoln Project — But apparently he didn’t even start explaining it.

Mediaite was also told on Friday, apparently without explanation.Pedglyphter refers to the Lincoln project.. “

The Lincoln Project is a PAC founded and operated by Republicans who are critical of Donald Trump. There is nothing to relate the Lincoln project to a lack of infant formula or pedophilia.

Critics on Friday warned that Stephanik’s irresponsible “pedo” tweets could cause violence against imaginary enemies. In 2016, gunmen fired at Pizzeria in Washington, DC. This Pizzeria was identified as unfounded as the headquarters for possible child trafficking activities. No one was injured. “PizzagateGunman 4 years in prison..

Stephanique was also torn apart by her ruthless call in her tweet to refuse infant formula to babies of immigrants being processed or detained in federal facilities. The government is required by law to provide essentials in such situations.

Stephanique blames the Biden administration for the current shortage of infant formula in the United States. The administration does not manufacture officials.It is created and sold by 3 big companiesThere is little competition and we have strong control over the market.

The shortage is a pandemic-related supply chain problem Large-scale safety recall Abbott Nutrition, the largest formula producer, was forced to close its Michigan plant earlier this year due to pollution concerns.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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