Rep. Jim Jordan will be the second legislator, saying he will not cooperate with the January 6 election committee investigation.

Jim Jordan

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) will speak at the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis on May 19, 2021.Stephanie Reynolds-Pool / Getty Images

  • A January 6 selection committee investigation into the attack called on Congressman Jim Jordan to meet.

  • On Sunday, Jordan said he would not cooperate with their request.

  • He said the request was “far beyond the scope of legitimate investigation.”

Rep. Jim Jordan refused to voluntarily cooperate with the January 6 selection committee’s investigation. Riot of the Houses of Parliament.

and letter Jordan asks Chairman Bennie Thompson to provide information on communication with former President Donald Trump about the riots, “far beyond the scope of legal investigations and the Constitution. It violates the core principles and will be even more useful. ” Erosion of legislative standards. “

Thompson requested a sit-in meeting with Jordan December 22nd letter. “I understand that I had at least one, and in some cases multiple, contacts with President Trump on January 6, and I would like to discuss each of those contacts in detail,” Thompson wrote. ..

“There is no relevant information to help the Special Committee promote its legislative objectives,” Jordan said in a response.

A member of the House of Representatives said he was performing “public affairs” as a member of the Diet when he talked with the Trump administration in the months leading up to the riots.

Jordan also accused the Commission of being “partisan” and said he was “not confident that the Election Commission would represent fairly or accurately” the information he provided to them.

December 20th, Thompson too letter Request a roundtable discussion with Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Scott Perry.The committee said he wanted to discuss the conversation that Perry might have had about the shift. Deputy Attorney Generals Jeffrey Rosen and Jeffrey Clark are lawyers who promoted the unfounded allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen.

The day after Thompson’s letter, Perry told him Refused to comply At the request of the committee.

Thompson did not respond to Insider’s email comment request at the time of publication. Insiders were unable to contact Jordan and Perry for comment.

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