Rep. Madison Cawthorne pledges allegiance to Trump with one curious exception

Right-wing parliamentarian. Madison Cawthorne (RN.C.) released new video pledging allegiance to former president despite being kicked out of Congress after losing primary donald trump.

But he has one exception.

“I will follow this man to the death,” Cawthorne vowed, adding:

Given what is already known about Trump, including numerous sexual assault accusations, two impeachments, and an active investigation into his election lies that facilitated a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol, Cawthorne , did not elaborate on what else would pass as “scary information.”

Cawthorn also scolded Republicans for not supporting Trump.

“Where’s your loyalty?” he demanded In a clip posted on Instagram of right-wingers fleeing Trump, especially after the midterm elections turned into a bitter rebuke of his candidate. “This man fought for you.”

Cawthorne said Trump “made the world fear us,” adding, “I want a president that people fear.”

At age 25, Cawthorn Youngest person to be elected to the House of Representatives in more than half a century When he wins the seat in 2020. cocaine-fueled orgiesHe also made several headline-making traffic stops, tried to bring a gun on a plane, and said,inappropriate relationship” with members of his staff.

Since losing his primary, Cawthorn has done very little work. The Asheville Citizen Times also reported He left his office no longer responding to voters.

he recently Bought a $1.1 million house on a boat in Florida.