Rep. Matt Gaetz asks Donald Trump for a preemptive amnesty: NYT

Samuel Corum / Getty

Samuel Corum / Getty

In the twilight of the Donald Trump administration Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) Asked the president for a preemptive amnesty for possible crimes committed by the president and his parliamentary allies. New York Times Report.

Getz, 38, is currently under federal investigation into possible sexual trafficking in connection with alleged relationships with a 17-year-old girl. Requested multiple amnesty. The Justice Department also said that Gates, along with his close ally Joel Greenberg, a former Seminole County tax collector currently being charged, for sex with multiple women on various visits to Florida. I’m investigating whether I paid. Gates denied the claim.

It’s unclear if Gates or Trump knew of the Florida legislator’s investigation, but the White House declined anyway. Times.. Attorney General William Barr was briefed on Gates’ investigation and reportedly canceled his appearance with the Florida Republican Party. It is unclear whether Gates had a direct discussion with the former president about the full amnesty or through an aide. Nathan Nelson, one of Gates’ former aides, Times On Monday, the FBI asked him about the activities of his old boss.

A Gates spokesperson said in a statement: Times“Beginner-level political agents confused the call for amnesty from Congressman Gates. He pardoned President Trump for” everyone from himself to his administration, Joe Exotic. ” I asked you to do it. “

Getz is a Sean Hanity show, one of Trump’s golden-time shows in December 2020, shortly after news reports that Trump had planned to pardon a former National Security Adviser. Appeared in. Michael flynn, Already pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

“President Trump needs to forgive Michael Flynn, for Thanksgiving Turkey, and, if necessary, for everyone from himself to the administration, Joe Exotic. The blood left by the militants. As you can see from the desire, it will only be erased if it comes after those who have worked hard to invigorate the Trump administration with the policies, vitality and effects provided to the American people, “Gates told Fox News. Told.

“I think the president should exercise his amnesty effectively and powerfully,” he added.

Proceedings against Greenberg He led federal agents to investigate Gates’ behavior, who reportedly believed they might have had sex with the same 17-year-old. Greenberg is currently in jail awaiting a trial on sexual trafficking charges after violating bail conditions.

In Congress, Gates has created himself into a conservative fire brand with flair for former presidential advocates and media appearances.He has Talks A series of conservative cable news channels (Fox News, One America News, Newsmax) discuss post-conference contributor gigs.Despite Gates’ loyalty, Donald Trump Don’t come to his defense As the political fallout from the investigation continues.

Gates, as Republicans previously said, has cultivated a reputation for being unlikely to be cheeky during his three terms in Congress. The Daily Beast.. He sometimes shared photos and videos of naked women with fellow lawmakers on the house floor, boasting to sleep with them. In the Florida Senate, Gates participated in a sexual game in which a male member of Congress competed to sleep with his aides, other lawmakers, and lobbyists, categorizing conquests by points, and seeing one woman. In Harry Potter’s book, which is said to have been dubbed “Snitch.”

Gates, his relationship and travel research, Plan to blackmail tens of millions From himself and his father, former Florida Senator Don Gates, his net worth amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars. A footnote to the story of the investigation turns into a strange realm. Florida real estate developer Don Maggie, a Florida lawyer and former Air Force intelligence officer Bob Kent, who were previously convicted of a fraud called Stephen Alford, will pay Gates $ 25 million earlier this year. It is said to have urged. They claimed to use Iran’s detained American hostages, who had already been sentenced to death, as a ransom. Elder Gates cooperated with the FBI’s investigation and wore a wire at a meeting with one of the men.

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