Repeated COVID-19 booster shots are not a viable strategy: Dougherty Director

Sharon Lewin, a leader in infectious diseases and director of the Dougherty Institute, states that a system that tracks variants and repeats COVID-19 booster shots to people is not a viable strategy.

“We can’t make that amount and you can’t keep up with fluctuations,” Lewin said. Said Australian Financial Review. “Omicron variant vaccines are not always better than Wuhan vaccines, even against Omicron.”

She said a type of vaccine called pansalvecovirus is a more sustainable strategy compared to repeated mRNA vaccines.

“We don’t know enough about how durable immunity is,” Levin said.

She also believes that the clinical definition of COVID-19 infection will soon be switched, which could change health procedures to focus isolation only on vulnerable groups.

“That means it’s much easier to tell the general public that you’re at home if you get sick,” Ruwin said.

Comments from Lewin come after the Institute has provided key research and modeling for Australia’s plans to reopen the country during the current pandemic.

Comments are coming after more and more European countries, and the UK has announced the end of most, if not all, COVID-19 restrictions.

Similarly, the World Health Organization (WHO) Said January 11: “Vaccine strategies based on repeated booster immunization of the original vaccine composition are unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

He added that in the future, current vaccines designed for the original Wuhan variant may need to be updated to continue to provide adequate levels of protection for Omicron and future variants. I did.

European Union drug regulators also expressed concern about repeated vaccinations at short intervals, saying they “do not represent a sustainable long-term strategy.”

Marco Cavaleri, Head of Vaccine Strategy at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), said the approach of repeating additional immune shots every four months was “a problem with the immune response. [the] The immune response can be as bad as we want. “

This is the interval at which you receive booster shots in Australia Repeated shortening It’s been 6 months since the first recommendation and now it’s 3 months.

The Australian Government has urged all eligible residents to receive the COVID-19 booster dose. Meanwhile, the Governments of Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria require booster shots for workers in healthcare, senior care, and other important industries.

Meanwhile, Professor Peter Doherty, the patron saint of the Doherty Institute, writes that masking is important even after three vaccinations because “the virus is in the air.”

“Therefore, even with three vaccinations, it is likely that a significant number of omicron virions will attach to the nose and begin to produce new viral offspring in the nasal epithelium,” Doherty said.

Rebecca Chu


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