Report on China’s use of soft power in India “Wake-up call”


China has succeeded in gaining widespread influence in India, including the film industry, universities, media, and its technology industries in South Asian countries. report According to an Indian think tank.

In the years following World War II, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used journalists and members of other organizations, especially those with a Marxist tendency, to spread the influence of CCP in India and law and society. The Alliance (LSA) report is on Friday.

The 76-page report details how Beijing used soft power to invade many industries such as Indian civil society, academia, politics, and the media, entertainment, and technology sectors.

“China has effectively targeted the bright and striking minds, tech-savvy youth, opinion makers, intellectuals, and thereby the future of India as a whole as operational enemies. This needs to be well recognized, along with the accompanying economic and strategic coercion, “the report said in a summary.

Examples of Beijing’s influential activities for tech-savvy young people include the use of news aggregation applications such as Dailyhunt and Dailyhunt. NewsDog..Indian army has ended Prohibit soldiers from using Dailyhunt NewsDog was one of 59 mobile apps, but suspected misuse of app data Banned by the Indian government Because it was considered a security threat in June 2020.

LSA Chairman NC Bipindra told the Epoch Times in an email that the discrepancy between the story of pro-China in the Indian media and India’s public opinion on China urged LSA members to work on the report.

Indians have become more and more hostile to China since May 2020, when the Sino-Indian border conflict resumed after decades of ceasefire. NS Survey in June 2020 We found that 97% of Indians do not buy Chinese products. NS August 2020 “People’s Mood” Survey 64 percent of Indians have revealed that they do not trust China.

Bipindra said the LSA intends to make the report an “indian awakening call.”

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can never be a friend of a democracy and will take every obvious action to threaten national security, which it considers a threat to the rise of a democracy,” defense and news. Strategic Issues Analyst and Editor of the Portal Defense Capital.

Epoch Times Photo
NC Bipindra, Chair of the Law and Society Alliance (LSA), will speak at the report presentation event on September 3, 2021. (Screenshot by The Epoch Times)

In the report, the Communist Party of India Marx (CPI-M), a CCP-funded party, “actively questioned” India’s foreign policy toward China and accused New Delhi. It also contains details of the impact of CCP on India’s political system. To succumb to the United States.

The Communist Party of India-Marxists also defended CCP by facing accountability for the CCP virus, commonly known as the new coronavirus, the report said.

At the report release event, Ilshat Kokbore, director of China’s affairs at the World Uyghur Congress in New York, said some Indians do not consider China to be powerful enough to threaten India. But he advised them to read the report. [China] It has penetrated Indian society. “

In his view, China will try to seize Taiwan, and if that happens, China will drive the United States out of the Pacific, and small Asian nations will be largely on the side of China.

“India, along with the people of Uighurs, Tibet, Hong Kong and even Burma, is under immediate and direct threat from the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

Kalden Tsumo, a UN defender at the Tibetan Bureau of Switzerland, said the CCP “learned the skills of publicity and false alarms.”

“Therefore, collective and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders to counter Beijing’s long arm are more important than ever. We can no longer wait for Beijing to change its policy.” rice field.

Terry Wu

Terri Wu is a popular assignment reporter based in the metropolitan area of ​​Washington, DC.