Report reveals Putin’s “basement trap” for hundreds of rebellious Russian troops



Hundreds Russian army Those who refused to continue War in Ukraine According to a new report released Thursday, it is being forced into the occupied Luhansk basement and garage.

Independent news agency, citing families of soldiers and human rights groups Verstka At least 234 soldiers deployed in various parts of Ukraine have reported detention at facilities in the town of Bryanka.

Here, some men’s families say a special center has been set up to deal with those who chose to opt out during the war. Decline in morale The number of troops to decrease.

Vasily was reportedly told Verstoka by the father of a 23-year-old soldier, identified only as Alexander, about a strange series of events in which his son was captured by his army, according to his explanation. ..

He said Alexander called him on July 8 and announced that he and several other troops had submitted a formal request to military leadership to leave the war. At that time, he said, Alexander told him that he had been summoned to meet with a Russian general to “discuss” his decision.

“We are losing,” but Moscow will never admit it, Russian soldiers say

A few days later, the next time Alexander called him, he said he was trapped in the basement of Bryanka with other troops trying to quit, Vasily said.

As of Wednesday, he was reportedly still in the basement.

Fatima Gorchenina, the mother of another 22-year-old soldier, said her son and others captured with him were trapped in a basement without electricity, food, or water.

And, she explained, the imprisonment plan was clearly with Russia’s powerful Federal Security Service. Wagner GroupA civilian army linked to the Kremlin accused of war crimes throughout Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa.

She told Verstka that her son Artyom, along with at least 81 other troops from the same Russian military base in Abkhazia, officially announced his desire to end the war in April.

After “doing nothing”, Artyom and fellow soldiers moved from their base in the Kherson region of Ukraine to Crimea, where they sought help from the local FSB. Finally, the FSB is willing to help Artiom and several other soldiers from the same base, as Gorchenina explains, be able to present their request to be transferred to Abkhazia and leave military headquarters. It looked like.

But the next thing they learned was that their plane landed in the Rostov region of Russia. There the soldiers were split and taken by helicopter to Bryanka, Gorchenina said.

They were eventually trapped in the basement, and Artyom reported being warned by members of a private military group who called themselves “musicians” (a popular nickname for Wagner group members).

“When they took them to Bryanka, we called military bases, squadron commanders, base commanders. What are they going to do, why they call them I asked if I would take him out of there, “Gorchenina was reportedly said. “I was told there was a new center for opponents. They are talking to them,” she said.

Russian soldiers collapse: we are just meat here

“It didn’t happen,” Gorchenina said, despite being told that if the troops weren’t sure they would continue to serve after two weeks, they would be sent back to the base to terminate the contract. rice field.

Instead, when she tried to find a way to rescue her son, she said, some unknowns appeared to impersonate him in a message with her.

“I wrote him because I was calling him at home.’Nom, what’s your cat’s name?’Then all the messages stopped,” she said. ..

As of Thursday, his whereabouts were unknown.

To date, at least 1,793 troops have openly refused to participate in the war, according to open source data. In reports that Russian commanders threatened the army with prosecution if they chose to abandon the fighting, Ukrainian intelligence reported many cases of Russian troops desperately trying to escape. Did. themselves.

According to one of the most ridiculous attempts to leave the war Ukrainian security servicesA Russian soldier told his father, “I somehow broke my leg on the stairs,” and “decided.”

When that didn’t work, his father advised him on the best way to break his own arm.

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