Reporter Asks Australian Prime Minister “Thoughts” on Vaccine Requirements for Western Kanye Tour

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a press conference on Saturday that everyone must be fully vaccinated to enter the country, in response to a reporter’s question about hip-hop artist Kanye West. rice field.

West, a 2020 US presidential candidate whose vaccination status is unknown, is said to be planning an Australian tour in March.

“”[My] Thinking is the rule. The rule is that you must be fully vaccinated, “Morison answered the question.

“As people have seen recently, they apply to everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are, they are the rules. Follow the rules, you can come. You can come to the rules. Don’t obey, you can’t. “

Morrison’s remarks, following Friday’s coverage of the Sydney Morning Herald, citing industry sources, said West plans to hold a stadium concert in Australia in March. The West representative, who released his latest album “Donda” in July, couldn’t comment immediately.

Australia was recently deported after tennis superstar Novak Djokovic canceled his visa because he did not meet national rules regarding compulsory COVID-19 vaccination of visitors.

In a 2021 interview on social media, West said he had been vaccinated once.Previously in an interview with a business magazine in July 2020 Forbes, He was positive for the virus and shared what it was like to have COVID-19.

“Watch a video that tells me what to do to get over chills, swaying in bed, taking a hot shower,” he said, skeptical of the idea that the vaccine “fixes COVID.” And used for children. He also called them “signs of the beast” and attracted many scrutiny of his views on COVID-19 vaccination.

Australia, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries for COVID-19, has been fighting a wave of infections caused by a rapidly prevailing variant of Omicron over the past month. , About 2 million cases have been recorded. Death and hospitalizationHowever, with the number of Omicron infections, it is being tracked higher.

Before the Omicron wave, Australia had only 400,000 cases since the pandemic first struck almost two years ago.

After a pandemic record of 98 deaths on Friday, 97 died on Saturday. However, health officials in some states said hospitalizations were stagnant or showing signs of decline.

Reuters contributed to this article.

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