Reporting Positive RAT Results Currently Mandatory in Australian States

The Victoria State Government is required to report positive Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) results to the Ministry of Health by phone or online from January 7th.

Those who receive a positive RAT should report it, immediately quarantine for 7 days and notify their contacts.

“It’s important to remember that being positive on a rapid antigen test is equivalent to being positive on a PCR test,” said Acting Prime Minister Jacinta Alan. Said..

Alain said the new process means fewer people have to wait for the results of the PCR test.

Also, people who get negative RAT results and aren’t household contacts don’t have to quarantine while waiting for negative results, reducing disruption to work, school, and social life.

Victoria’s COVID-19 Response Commander, Yeron Weimar, said those who report positive results need to answer “really simple questions” to determine risk levels and the support they need. ..

The question is: Have you been in contact with someone who has recently been infected with COVID-19 and have you been told that you have recently suffered from COVID-19 symptoms?

Those who answer “no” to both questions are advised to undergo a PCR test to confirm the RAT results.

Currently, the reporting system can process 50,000 reports per day, but can increase as needed, according to Weimar.

Epoch Times Photo
COVID-19 Response Commander Yeron Weimar at a press conference in Melbourne, Australia on October 14, 2020. (Robert Cyan Freon / Getty Images)

Six people have died and the total number of hospitalizations has increased to 644, of which 58 are in the intensive care unit and 24 are in ventilation.

“The medical system as a whole is preparing for an increase in hospital admissions, and a huge amount of work has already been done to secure hospital equipment and personnel throughout the entire pandemic process.” Allan said. Said.

She said the increasing number of cases is putting pressure not only on health and hospital systems, but also on health and more broadly other important industries.

By 9 am on January 7, 18 government-run PCR test sites were closed after reaching capacity and are currently deploying RATs in four locations in the pilot program.

Meanwhile, both Alain and Weimar encouraged people to book vaccinations and booster shots for their children.

Rebecca Chu


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