Repressive tolerance is a function, not a bug, when it comes to speech and behavior.


It’s okay to insult conservatives, truck drivers, and vaccine skeptics, but it’s okay to insult Federal NDP leader Jagmate Singh. It’s a lesson learned from playing Peterborough Police Chief Tim Farkhason.Fark Harson after protesters called Shin a traitor at a local election rally on May 10 in Peterborough Called Their actions are “morally unacceptable” and their belief system is “condemned, unconscientious, and in some cases criminal.”

The double standard of speech and action is embedded in our current political order. Burning churches and blocking railroads is a blow to social justice, but peaceful protests against vaccination obligations constitute an emergency of public order and morals. When parishioners gather in the parking lot for church worship, violating the blockade rules is a threat to public safety, but not when thousands gather for the Black Lives Matter march.Law-abiding gun owners are accused and the minimum sentence for gun crime is Exclusion.. The hypocrisy of our authorities is not a coincidence. Their choices are carefully calculated.

“We live in a crazy world today that doesn’t seem to be on track.” To tell James Lindsay, a leading American intellectual critic of progressive left-wing undliberal politics. “”[I]t is driven by broken logic, and for every defect on the right, that broken logic is in the center of the left, which is no longer allowed. “

According to Lindsay, that logic is rooted in a 1965 essay by the neo-Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse. “Repressive tolerance” Lindsay’s theme is summarized in one sentence. “Even in the case of violence, movement from the left should be tolerated, but movement from the right should not be tolerated, including oppression by violence.”

This is the world we live in now. If you are not in a general program, your speech and actions must be crushed. Marcuse writes that intolerance should extend not only to expression but also to action. Such an extreme suspension of freedom of speech and the right to assembly is certainly justified. … Different opinions and “philosophy” can no longer compete peacefully for compliance and persuasion for rational reasons. “

Once upon a time, when they were cultural heretics, liberals defended freedom of speech. The founding conservatives were censorship, urging restrictions on obscenity, blasphemy, and communist propaganda. In a free society, there must be liberal debate and everyone must be able to express their ideas and opinions, no matter who is in power. Freedom of speech protected opponents, rebels, and heretics from the legitimacy of the general view.

Now the shoes are on the other leg. Freedom of speech is no longer necessary to protect the left, and its sensibility is now predominant. Liberalism has transformed into an awakened progressive ideology that dominates governments, mainstream media, universities, large corporations, public schools, public health authorities, and increasingly courts. It turns out that progressives were less interested in the principle of free speech than in promoting their values.

You can’t miss it unless you look away. For example, the Trudeau government has repeatedly promised to pass bills to monitor social media “misinformation” and “hate speech.” New legitimacy is being established. Speech consistent with progressive norms is legitimate, but dissenting opinions are racist, alt-right, or violent. Whether a speech is offensive or not depends in part on the identity of the speaker and the subject. Attacking European culture, whiteness, Western values, or Christianity is good speech, but defending them goes beyond pale.

In this era of oppressive tolerance, the most exhausted and ineffective politicians are the serious conservatives. Rather than blaming non-liberal liberals for actively expressing intolerant agendas, conservatives instead honorably refuse to believe it.

Scott H. Hison, a potential leader of the Federal Conservative Party, said political controversy should be stopped and instead respect each other.

“Conservatives reform the system,” says Jean Charest, a leadership rival who wants to maintain the CBC. “We do not destroy them.”

However, the ideas endorsed by Marcuse and his intellectual peers have already irreparably overtaken most Canadian public institutions.

Our naivety is one of the most useful, effective and dangerous weapons of the awakened weapons. Chamberlain in our time cannot accept that Canada is now dominated by the left-wing elite, who are devoted to the cultural changes they are transparently promoting. Those who lament the polarization of voters no longer know what is happening in front of them. The country is polarized because one rejects the legitimacy of the other, in fact its existence.

These are not your grandparents’ liberals. They mean what they say. Listen, risk and ignore.

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Bruce Purdy


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