Republican Governor Baker Orders Massachusetts Executive Workers to Delegate Vaccine

Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker (R) I issued an executive order on Thursday This requires executive department employees to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination by October 17th.

Important reason: Baker’s orders come when other Republican governors push the vaccine back and obscure the orders.

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Big picture: Massachusetts officials will release more information about the verification process in the coming weeks, Baker’s office said in a press release.

  • This policy applies to both onsite and remote employees and is “subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal” if they do not comply.

  • Tax exemptions are granted for medical or honest religious reasons.

  • NS Executive order Applies to anyone employed by a “Federal Administrative Agency, Local, Office, or Federal Department”.

Note: Once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention establishes booster shot guidelines, employees should also receive them, press release notes.

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