Republican Governor Candidate Uses “Yellow” to Refer to Asian Virginias in Interview Calls for Democrats

Republican Virginia Governor candidate Glenn Youngkin used the term “yellow” In a recent re-appearance interview with podcast host Chris Arps in April, we’ll talk about Asian people.

Compete for Asian Voting: Talk in “Water Cooler Politics” Podcast, Yongkin said, “I am very much looking forward to becoming governor .. All Virginias — Black Virginia, Brown Virginia, White Virginia, Yellow Virginia — all achieve their aspirations and ambitions. to be able to do.”

Unacceptable: Yongkin’s use of offensive terms has since been criticized by Asian-American politicians.

  • Judy Chu (D-CA), an Asian Pacific-American Congressman, said: With the proliferation of anti-Asian hate crimes over the past year, these words exacerbate the problem and portray AAPI as a permanent alien. ” She further emphasized the diversity of experiences and needs within members of the community.

  • Kathy Tran, the first Vietnamese-American elected official in Virginia’s history, said: It evokes the “yellow peril” that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are considered threatening and dangerous. She pointed out how Yongkin’s unpleasant comments come when anti-AAPI violence and prejudice are on the rise.

Dem also uses “yellow”. In response to criticism, the Virginia Republican Party posted a video on Twitter showing a prominent liberal who uses “red” as well as “yellow” in a similar context. Washington post report.

  • The clip featured actress Whoopi Goldberg, Professor Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown University, Professor Cornel West of Harvard University, civil rights activist Al Sharpton, and Senator Majie Hirono (D-Hawaii).

  • Youngkin spokeswoman McCawley Porter defended the candidate, saying: None of these Democrats had problems with this same language used at last year’s Democratic National Convention, or by elected officials of their party. “

Republican Glenn Youngkin will face former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe in the governor’s election scheduled for November.

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