Republican Governor Refuses to Update CDC Mask Guidance


Republican Governor Rejects CDC Mask guidance update On Tuesday, we recommend that vaccinated individuals in highly infected areas and all schools from kindergarten to high school resume wearing masks at certain indoor venues.

Republican Governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts Announces statement Tuesday’s title is “Nebraska’s return to normal will not be interrupted by the new CDC guidance.” Ricketts said his state school will study directly this fall, without the restrictions of masks and vaccines. I write that I will do it. He implied that the CDC’s ongoing contradictory recommendations exacerbated hesitation among those who chose to refrain from shots.

“CDC’s new guidance suggesting that vaccinated people wear masks indoors is flying in the face of public health goals that should guide government decisions. The CDC’s announcement is flying. It only encourages distrust that many people have with the CDC and does not help encourage more people to get vaccines that help end the pandemic. Nebraska adopts their mask guidance. I wouldn’t, “Riketz declared.

He added that vaccination was a personal choice and urged the CDC to stop interfering with people’s lives and try to return to normal. “It’s time to keep the CDC and government out of the way and stop trying to teach people how to live,” wrote the Governor of Nebraska.

Similarly, Republican Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds statement In the aftermath of the CDC update on Tuesday, the state has shown that it will not participate in new government regulations and will allow residents to make their own public health decisions. Reynolds reiterated Ricketts’ concerns that forced restoration of the face cover, even if inoculated, further undermines confidence in the vaccine.

“The Biden administration’s new COVID-19 guidance, which directs fully vaccinated Iowan to wear masks, is not only counterproductive to vaccination efforts, but is not based on reality or common sense. I’m worried that this guidance will be used as a means of mandating masks in states and schools across the country, which I don’t support, “Reynolds said.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, one of the first governors to relax COVID rules and restrictions in the state, opposed hiding children’s requirements at a roundtable meeting with experts on Monday. Doubled. Fox news report.

“I think our fear is that there are attempts to promote forced masking of school children from the federal level or some of these organizations, looking at some of these rumblings. Our view is that this should never be imposed, it should not be mandatory, “Desantis commented.

DeSantis spokesman Christina Pushau suggested to Fox News that Florida, such as Iowa and Nebraska, would not implement a CDC mask guidance reversal.

“It’s not science-based. There’s no sign that areas with mask mandates are doing better than areas without mask mandates. In fact, this policy can actually backfire.” Stated.

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