Republican group trolls trolls with huge signs reminding him that he is a loser

Republican groups use signboards to send dull messages Donald Trump And his supporters are pushing for an endless election audit based on the alleged condemnation of election fraud.

“TRUM PLOST”, the Republican voting sign read. “There is no further audit.”

One sign is in Times Square, New York.

The group has dozens of signs in eight states, including Georgia, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Michigan, near the Capitol and where Trump supporters are promoting audits. He said he plans to set up.

None of Trump’s barbaric claims about fraudulent elections are supported by evidence.Recently, a Republican-led audit in Maricopa County, Arizona Confirmed that Biden won there.

Partisan audits were partially funded by Trump supporters, but Maricopa County taxpayers are now On a hook of almost $ 3 million To replace equipment endangered by an amateur auditor hired by a Republican in the state legislature.

father AP reported Wisconsin Republicans approve $ 680,000 taxpayer money for their audit. Republican-backed efforts in Texas, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania can also force taxpayers to submit bills.

“The 2020 elections were safe and fair,” Republican Election Director Amanda Carpenter said in a news release. “These fake audits are a waste of time and money.”

The organization is part of Republican Accountability ProjectCalling Republicans to enable Trump and support the January 6 rebellion.

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