Republican Kylie Wins California House Seat

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Republican Rep. Kevin Kiley, who has become a conservative favorite for his sharp and relentless criticism of Democratic Gov. won.

With 83% of the votes tallied, Kylie won nearly 53% of the vote, defeating Democrat Kermit Jones, a doctor and Navy veteran.

The victory expands the margin of Republican control in the House. Republicans last week won California Congressman Mike Garcia a majority from Democrats. re-elected It gave the party 218 seats. Kylie’s victory brings the tally to 220 Republicans and 212 Democrats.

“Voters want a new direction,” Kyrie said in a post-election interview last week as he waited for the results of the Third Congressional District, which runs from the Sacramento suburbs to the state’s interior. “The House of Representatives will be the vehicle for the change voters are seeking.”

Even with a win, Republicans would remain in the minority within the state’s legislative delegation. Of her 52 seats, the largest delegation in Congress, the Republican candidate won only 11 of her districts, and one district was still too early to convene.

A major issue in Kylie’s campaign mirrored campaigns in the House and Senate across the country.

Kylie, a member of the state legislature, argued that California was in turmoil under Democratic control in Washington and Sacramento, with residents plagued by inflation and uneasy about rising crime. Maintained a majority, and if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi remained in office, attempted to portray Jones as an eager infantryman on standby.

Kylie’s constant criticism of Newsom, especially in the 2021 recall election, has made it difficult for the governor to survived easilyIf voters wanted Newsom fired, Kylie finished sixth in the voting for Newsome’s replacement candidate.

Jones promised to protect access to reproductive health care, control education costs, and tackle the homelessness crisis.


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