Republican lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Green and Dan Crenshaw are feuding again – this time over whether the FBI should be defunded in the Mar-a-Lago raid

  • Republican lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Green and Dan Crenshaw are at odds.

  • Crenshaw said Greene was “not serious” about pressing the FBI for the Mar-a-Lago raid.

  • Green fired back at Crenshaw, accusing Republicans of never taking “bold action.”

House Republicans Marjorie Taylor Green and Dan Crenshaw have been embroiled in yet another controversy – this time over whether the FBI should be funded.

Last week, Green was among several Republican lawmakers They demanded that the agency be destroyed and the funds recovered. This was after the FBI executed a search warrant at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

According to a search — it has since been revealed to be part of Investigate whether Trump mishandled classified documents — Greene called for an end to agency funding.

she She was one of the first lawmakers to tweet her disapproval of the searchposted on Twitter: “Protect the FBI!” Since then, Green has sold merchandise with the slogan: Includes “Defund the FBI” hat.

Greene’s position also appears to be shared by a strong segment of Republican lawmakers. After the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, at least 12 of his Republican congressmen Jumped to Trump’s defense, blamed FBI.

However, Crenshaw expressed displeasure with Green’s behavior in an interview. Axios.

“I’m impressed that the Democrats finally got us to say, ‘Defend the FBI,'” the Texas lawmaker told the outlet.

Greene immediately hit back at Crenshaw, similarly throwing the word “not serious” at his Republican colleagues.

“Do you know why Republican voters don’t see you as serious?” Greene tweeted, along with screenshots of Crenshaw’s comments. Axios“Republican politicians who don’t actually take bold action to stop the relentless destruction of America by the Democrats, or worse, the same Republicans who join America’s Last United Party.”

It’s not the first time Mr. Green has criticized Mr. Crenshaw, despite coming from the same political party. In January, Green claimed, without substantiating, that Crenshaw spent his time “attacking the First Republican of America because he (not so secretly) hates Trump.”

“Unfortunately, even when he’s in town, he doesn’t always walk into the chamber and vote to block Democrat bills,” Green said. Posted on her official Telegram channel.

Green in the same month Crenshaw accused of ‘hurting’ the Republican brandTexas lawmaker “needs to stop calling himself conservative”.

Crenshaw lashed out at the Freedom Caucus in which Green was a participant. It calls its members “Grifters” and “Performance Artists”. Crenshaw too He stuck to his view that the 2020 election wasn’t stolen from Trumpdespite the former president, Unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud.

Representatives for Greene and Crenshaw did not immediately respond to the Insider’s request for comment.

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