Republican lawmakers want to prosecute Jill Biden “as being very cruel to her husband.”




North Carolina Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress, said that his first lady was Jill Biden President Joe Biden, who claimed to be “mentally unstable” by Republicans, should be said to be “very cruel to her husband.”

Newsmax host Chris Sarchade claimed that Biden had “lost control of the pandemic” and mentioned crossing the border by unvaccinated migrants.

Regarding the pandemic, Mr. Salsed asked 25-year-old Corthorn whether Congressional Republicans should probably “take responsibility for Biden” for “reversing America.”

“I’d like to do a Congressional investigation to get an accurate understanding of what Joe Biden’s argument is, but unfortunately I think he couldn’t find a way to Congress,” Corthorn said. Laughed from.

“I’m talking from a very objective point of view here. I think Jill Biden should be prosecuted. I’m not going to prosecute him as a criminal, but he said he should call her as very cruel to her husband. “There is,” added Mr. Corthorn.

“The man is clearly mentally unstable. He is somehow debilitating,” he said, not providing evidence of his claim.

“And they’re putting him there to be attacked by the biggest debaters the country has to oppose him,” Corthorn said without revealing who the “biggest debaters” were. Said to.

“And now his mind can’t handle it,” Corthorn added. Later, the youngest parliamentarian suggested that Mr Biden was not responsible for the country.

“As much as I want to ask Joe Biden, I want to ask the person who is really calling the shot now, because Congress and the Americans don’t really know who is pulling the laces behind the scenes. “Of Joe Biden,” he said, but did not provide evidence of his claim that Mr. Biden was not leading the country.

Republicans have previously pushed forward with an unproven story that Mr Biden’s state of mind is not good.

Last month, 14 Republicans signed a letter asking the president to take a cognitive test. The effort was led by Ronny Jackson, a former White House doctor and now a US Republican Congressman in Texas.

Jackson asked for a test again on Wednesday. “I think he shows what’s happening every day,” Jackson told Fox News about Biden. “You don’t have to be a doctor to see this behavior and see what’s going on.”

“I ask them to include a cognitive assessment when you do a physical examination,” he added. “As far as I am concerned, standard precedents have been set and they must obey and do the same.”

Former President Donald Trump has been ridiculed for his frequent bragging about the implementation of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) in 2018.

This test is not intended to measure intelligence, but to show if a person is experiencing cognitive decline.

“The fact that everyone gets a perfect score on MoCA suggests that there is no change in cognitive function associated with early signs of dementia,” said Paul Appelbaum, a psychiatrist at Columbia University. The doctor said. Newsweek..

“I’m very relieved in that regard, but it’s important to realize that it speaks for itself,” said Dr. Apelbaum.

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