Republican Maricopa County coach asks Kelli Ward to resign from GOP leadership


NSRepublicans on the Maricopa County Oversight Board are calling on Arizona Republican Chairman Kelli Ward to resign following the release of the State Senate’s election audit report, which works closely with former President Donald Trump. ..

Supervisor Clint Hickman resigns from her role in asking Ward to top elected Republicans in the state, including Governor Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, and Treasury Secretary Kimberly Yee. I called. 2020 elections It will be Maricopa County.

“She caused a fracture in our party. She worked outside the party to help herself,” Hickman said. Said In an interview with KTAR News on Friday.

Arizona Senator Refers to Maricopa Election Audit to State Attorney General for Further Investigation

Ward played a key role in building momentum for the 2.1 million-vote audit in Maricopa County, and was particularly critical of the Republican-controlled county committee after Trump’s defeat.

“We think they’ll get pretty silly results no matter what they do,” Ward said. Said In January depending on the election audit That the county approved itself.

Hickman said on Friday that the board “always tried. The county always worked with the legislature and the judiciary to reveal evidence and facts,” and those who supported the Senate audit “guessed.” It seems that he has decided to act on the basis of it. ” “”

Another Republican coach, Bill Gates, reiterated Mr. Hickman’s words, saying that the party “must choose a new direction rooted in truth and good politics.”

“I’m here with a colleague asking for @kelliwardaz to resign,” Gates wrote in a tweet. “@AZGOP just lied about our electoral system, ignored ballot races, and lost federal and state elections under her leadership.”

Auditors hired by the Republican-led State Senate submitted a report of their review to the Chamber of Commerce on Friday, which confirmed the president. Joe Biden It was a victory over Trump in the county and did not claim that fraudulent ballots were thrown.

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But Senator Karen Huang said Mention The report to Brunovich said the report’s “urgent issues” “suggested incomplete compliance with Arizona’s standards and best practices.”

According to the post-election canvas, Biden defeated Trump in Arizona with 10,457 votes across the state and 45,109 votes in Maricopa County.

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