Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger receives his favorite conservative insult and fires at Trump

manager Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) Uses the insults frequently thrown by liberal rights to swipe his latest. Donald Trump..

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday, Kinzinger called the former president “snowflake” and “one of the weakest men I’ve ever seen.”

Comments came in the discussion about Vitreous reaction of playing cards In a speech by his predecessor George W. Bush on the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11.

Bush on Saturday said“Right” terrorists are a bigger problem Than foreigners who hate America. Trump counterattacked on Monday, and Bush said “you shouldn’t lecture to anyone” because of his role of “taking us to the rapids of the Middle East.”

Kinzinger, who frequently criticizes Trump for being impeached twice, suggested that the reaction indicated a lack of power.

“That is, if you think about it, what is strength? Strength isn’t just someone who feels so lacking in self-esteem and sways every time. They have to attack. I feel I have to, “Kinsinger said.

“A powerful person is one who can be criticized and can go out and gather people on a day like September 11th,” he continued. “People on my side like to use the term snowflake when talking about offensive people really easily. Well, it’s Donald Trump.”

“I’m looking at who he is as a person, the amount he’s offended to ride, and how he has to get out and punch down,” Kinzinger said. I added. “When he was President of the United States, he would attack the radio host for good.”

See Kinzinger’s full interview on CNN here:

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