Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he hopes to “send a chilling message” by indicting Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress.

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Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney (left) and Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger hear the Commission on October 19, 2021 and House January 6 meet to look down on Steve Bannon. I am. Associated Press Photo / J.Scott Applewhite

  • Kinzinger hopes that Banon’s indictment for contempt of Congress will send a “chilling message.”

  • “You might think that nothing was wrong, but you can’t avoid it,” Kinzinger said of the January 6 survey.

  • Banon was “part of a very broad perspective” in the investigation, lawmakers said.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger said on Friday that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon had been charged with refusing to comply with the House Panel investigating the January 6 riots. He said he wanted to be sent.

Friday US Department of Justice Presentation A federal grand jury has charged Banon with contempt of Congress for not appearing before the testimony was taken last month and for refusing to request the submission of documents.

Appearing In CNN’s “Jake Tapper’s Lead,” an Illinois Republican sitting on the January 6 panel asked Tapper to ask individuals to speak in front of the panel, “parliament cannot be ignored.” He said he reconfirmed.

“In reality, you may not like it-you may not like research. You may think that nothing bad was done, but you can’t avoid it. Would, and it would be possible to hear their voice, which is important to the American people, and get an answer through Congress. “

“So this is certainly a good thing, and I hope it sends a horrifying message to someone else who was going to follow this way,” he added.

Banon’s indictment took place on the same day as former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump. Did not appear For deposit to the committee.

January 6 Commission Chairman Bennie Thompson, Mississippi Democrat, and Panel Vice-Chair Republican Liz Cheney, Wyoming, Joint statement released on Friday He criticizes Meadows for refusing to comply with the Commission’s request.

“Mr. Meadows’ actions today-choosing to violate the law-will force the selection committee to consider pursuing contempt or other procedures to enforce the subpoena,” Thompson said. Chainy said.

October House voted to host Banon For criminal insult After not appearing in front of the panel, he got his clues from Trump, who claimed executive privilege on the Commission’s actions. The Commission vehemently refuted the former president’s debate on executive privilege, saying that the decision to publish the document rested on his successor, President Joe Biden.

Biden administration Clarified The President does not claim executive privilege on the first set of relevant documents on January 6. This will allow the House Committee to view the records.

The Commission went with others at the White House on information that Trump might have had in coordinating the January 6 rally prior to the final parliamentary riots and what the president said at the time. Summoned Banon for more information on possible conversations. On that day Certified by Biden’s Electoral College.

“He’s part of a very broad horizons,” Kinzinger said of Banon. “I’ve interviewed 150 witnesses so far. I’m looking forward to more. He’ll bring his work to it.”

The panel also asked about a conference held at the famous Willard Hotel in Washington, DC.Trump’s team there Assembled “Command Center” to keep pressing Unfounded claim Of the stolen elections.

Kinzinger, who voted to insult Banon, reiterated that he just wanted to know the truth about January 6.

“We just want an answer, which Americans deserve, no matter which side of the political spectrum they are on,” he told Tapper.

“And most importantly, it deserves future history. It’s a complete explanation of the day without plots, lies, or politics,” he added.

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