Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said RNC’s vote to blame him and Republican Rep. Liz Cheney “how the Republican Party went crazy.”

Republicans of Liz Cheney, Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger, Illinois, at a committee hearing on January 6, 2021.

Republicans of Liz Cheney, Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger, Illinois, at a committee hearing on January 6, 2021.Drew Angeler / Getty Images

  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger said the vote blaming him showed that “the Republicans went crazy.”

  • The RNC voted to blame him and Congressman Liz Cheney for joining the House Commission on January 6.

  • “It’s no longer my tribe,” Kinzinger said in a statement to the Atlantic.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger said that Republican National Committee voted to blame him and Liz Cheney was a member of the House Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 case. How the Republican Party went crazy. “

RNC during a Friday winter meeting Approve the resolutionDescribes the House Election Commission as “Democratic-led persecution of civilians engaged in legitimate political discourse” and blames Kinzinger and Cheney, the only Republicans in the panel.

of remarks Prior to the vote, Kinzinger told Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Goldberg that he “has no tribe,” but “the good thing is that I really don’t care.”

“The only reason this hurt me is because it reminds me of how crazy the Republicans have gone,” Goldberg said. “I’m no longer my tribe.”

On Thursday, the RNC Resolution Committee unanimously resolved to proceed with the condemnation resolution throughout the body. Chainy skewering committee members..

“Republican leaders have taken themselves hostage. Admit that he tried to overturn the presidential election When He suggests pardoning the defendant on January 6th, Some of which were charged with sedition conspiracy. ” Tweet Following Thursday’s vote.

“I’m a constitutional conservative and I’m not aware of the people of my party who abandoned the constitution to accept Donald Trump,” she added. “History will be their judge. I will never stop fighting for constitutional republic. No matter what.”

Kinzinger quoted a Republican colleague who expressed concern about joining the majority Democratic Commission, including Madison Cawthorn and Paul Gosar.

“Madison Cawthorn can evoke upcoming bloodshed, Paul Gosar can flirt with white supremacism, and they have signed a letter calling for me to be expelled from the caucuses,” Kinzinger said. I told Goldberg. “This is how far the Republicans have fallen.”

“They call me RINO (Republican name only), but I haven’t changed,” Kinzinger added. “Republicans have turned into authoritarian Trump organizations. They are RINO. Trump is RINO.”

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