Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko is angry and says she accidentally shoots her grandson




Rep. Debbie Resco (R-AZ) landed on the floor of the house this week to oppose the gun safety bill, apparently vowing to shoot his grandson in the process, causing a fuss.

“I have five grandchildren,” Congressman began in a speech on Tuesday. “I will do anything-everything— To protect my five grandchildren. As a last resort, it also includes shooting them as needed to save the lives of their grandchildren. In growing anger, Resco accused Democrats of “trying to take away the right to protect their grandchildren” and “trying to take away the right of citizens to comply with the law to protect their children.”

Gun rights activists after Resco’s remarks began to gain momentum on social media on Wednesday Shannon Watts, Founder of MomsDemand Action Concerned about her apparent priorities, lawmakers did not seek to clarify her comments, but rather issued a statement attacking her critics.

“I never stop astonishing me how long gun control enthusiasts go!” I wrote on Twitter.. “They changed my speech about the rights of Article 2 of the Constitution and the right to protect grandchildren from violent criminals to claim that I would harm my grandchildren. There! “

Resco, Won her special election in Arizona 2018 has a history of inflammatory statements, with a slight difference, including: Anti-vaccine rhetoric It preceded the COVID-19 pandemic.She recently With the support of Donald Trump For her 2022 reelection campaign.

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